Monomad: Assembling a Toy Robot

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Hallo.. Good afternoon friends of The #BlackandWhite community, I hope all of you are in good health always.

This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes.

My eldest son, an 8 year old boy, is currently in the second grade of elementary school. He has a very great and cool hobby in my opinion, that is he likes to assemble anything that is difficult or complicated for a child his age, for example he likes to assemble toy robots from even the smallest elements and he also likes to play or fiddle with things. jigsaw puzzle.

1650868931667 (2).jpg

1650868931632 (2).jpg

1650868931651 (2).jpg

1650868931597 (1).jpg

Ok, that's all my post this afternoon. Thank you friends for being willing to read, comment, and upvote my post. Don't forget to reblog my post if you like it and want others to see and read it too. And don't forget to also read my previous post. Warm greetings from me @abizahid..

LocationLhokseumawe - Indonesia
Object PhotosMy Eldest Son
Camera UsedRedmi Note 7
ISO Speed200
Flash ModeNo Flash

He is smart, the next day can be a good founder

He is smart, the next day can be a good founder

Hopefully when he grows up he can become a useful person for society and the nation in accordance with his ideals. Thanks for the nice comment @ahleap

STEM tag is about education, science, math, and engineering. It is backed by stem token. I hope you will carefully use it in the future and edit it in this post.

Also, I understand we can't remember about all hive tags but let's learn step by step. :)

Thank you for the suggestions and criticism @dlmmqb, I have edited this post. In the future I will be very careful in using tags, and use them for things that are in accordance with the topic of the post 🙏


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