Monomad: Street Food

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I am delighted to share some pictures of street food and the seller as my next entry for the daily monomad challenge. As we all know, street food can show many aspects of cultural life, from buying, and selling, and eating as well as the way to show the dynamism of street food sellers. So under the drizzle, I went to the traditional market to take a few shots while looking for other human portraits. My first pick came to this legendary food that has been operating since a long time ago. It is located under the bridge in the north part of the traditional market of Lhokseumawe. We call this typical food "Kue Pancong" literally translated middle raw cake.







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Street food is something I miss the most when not traveling. Thank you for sharing. This is stunning

Most welcome and thank you for the rate!

Wherever and wherever coffee remains the prima donna

cake pancong, a legendary street snack that is worth a try to eat with the family.