ethereum at the center of the hollow earth? lol kathara grids

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Solidity crystal at the center of the earth?


giant seismic super computer matryoshka brain? Where the Sphere of Amenti was?






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hmm haha one of those is a fake newspaper from half life about portal storms, the rest are real, right? :D


wow so THATS why Alex Collier said the military base in Diego Garcia Island being so top secret... is because its a space port with gravitational anomaly that just lets them FLOAT cargo and ships to orbit and this sorta shows that yes the gravity is SUPPPPER low theer for some reason lol

if the world found out we didnt even need chemical rockets or anything like that at all just to get to orbit lol i mean, once your theer you can do so much lol. youd save so much fuel if you did have a spacex rocket lol

theyd still need starships with rockets and electrogravitic SEGs but we would ALL realize EARTH HAS NATURAL SYSTEMS to allow us to go INTO space, with VERY low "tech" means thata re actually high tech as teh earth IS one big living super computer spaceship holodeck