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RE: Sometimes there's milk and cookies

in LEGO2 years ago

I will admit, some of my more favourite moments are when one of my boys will build with me. Or go shoot some archery. Or just play a game.

The funny thing is, being a parent, you (at least I) feel that absolutely everything I do is 100% wrong. I look at my boys now and wonder if I've passed anything down to them at all. That said, I know where you're coming from. I'd be lonely without'em, so I feel for you.

And now that's a pretty good looking build you've got going there. That is a lot of small parts that I am pretty sure my cat would love to scatter for you, given the opportunity.


You're probably right you know, especially considering I'm somewhat of a knucklehead. :) I probably would have messed up my kid's lives if I had any. Although, they'd know how to build Lego!

It's a fun build and yep, small parts. Luckily my cat is too busy sleeping to bother me and the Lego. :)