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RE: The Lego Community...and my next build

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This is cool, we have quite an extensive LEGO club, robotics and technics club where I teach. Although im not running it I do teach in the design and technology department and see a lot of what goes on. I remember watching the Liebherr R 9800 controller control the real Liebherr R 9800 out in the quarry. Pretty amazing stuff from the remote control systems.


Yeah, I love me some Lego. No, I'm not 14. 🙄

I want that R 9800...It's on my wish list. Costly though. I built the Mack Anthem and Landrover Defender a while back. The Extreme 4x4 Off roader too, which is Control+ App operated. Good fun. There's posts on my LEGO community.

I saw you're a teacher. You're not Thai though are you?

No, I'm from the UK but have been teaching in international schools for a while now. Gotta love those long school holidays lol

I thought so.

My dad was a high school teacher. He loved it. Old school though, he retired on the mid 90's. They did it differently back then.

You're a long way from home, but there's nothing like a good life-adventure though. Good on you. Pretty young I'd say right? Might as well chase your best life huh?

That's it, plus the UK isn't so great when you travel ad see what other places have to offer lol. Mid 30s

Ancient! Lol.

(I'm almost 51 so I can say that.)

haha it's all experience!