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RE: Hand of creation

in LEGO2 years ago

I don't know whether it's worse to be the person that has to design the instruction books or the person that has to figure out how all the parts are going to go together to begin with XD

I'm pretty sure both at least somewhat enjoy their arguably pretty cool jobs

That's a decent sized build, watching it in action would be pretty cool.

LoL at how long it took you, that sounds like pretty much all of my projects x_x


I'd say those who get to design and create Lego sets for a job are pretty content and probably rather passionate about their work.

Yep, this one took me a very long time...There's reasons, but let's just say I was busy with other things. I'm now thinking about the next, trying to work out what I want and How I'm going to pay for it. Lol.