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Holy Cow, Lego has come a very long and impressive way since I was a kid! Before my current career, I did quite a bit of construction with my dad and uncles. They are all equipment operators of some sort specializing in cranes.

Reading glasses and coffee...

This is the first year I needed help up close and had to go with transitional lenses. The weirdest thing is because of the nature of my job they gave two different contact lenses, one for each eye. One is for up close (sights and computers) and one is for distance (driving and such). The first week or so it gave me motion sickness trying to get used to them lololol


Yeah, Lego is a little complicated these days. Still good fun though.

I have a few different sets. I use a pair of those multifocal ones for work as I can look up and see relatively normally and when I know I'll be at the the computer or reading mostly I use single focus ones.

For shooting I use my Oakleys with multifocal lenses in them, these are the ones you'll see me wearing in images on hive. The were stupidly expensive but give me the front sight-focus for hand guns and I can see the reticle perfectly on my long guns...Bloody hell, when did it all get so complicated?!

Oh I know, when I got older.