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RE: Redemption through Lego Technic

in LEGO2 years ago

Ooft. I tell you. Having helped the Little Lady out with her lego builds you must be a lego build monster! It is really satisfying though. I love lego. I even love that you can get the instructions online for things you might have misplaced as her castle thing we built got smashed in a typical kid throwing stuff downstairs to see what happens kind of thing and we managed to put it back together again! I am sure the end product and the accompanying video will be well worth it!


They have it all pretty worked out I think...They whole system.

This truck is (lorry?) is proving to be interesting. It'll all work fine...Just follow the instructions and it's all good.

I like the fact that sometimes you can follow the instructions and you cant see how it is going to fit in with a bit and then you get to the bit where it clicks with another build section and boom, you see it!

It's really quite satisfying. I find it really relaxing, the sifting through the parts, the enjoyment when it starts to take shape. It takes me back to my younger days. I was just on a video chat with my little nephew who was building Lego...He's two and a half and loves it. I wish I had the chance to build with him but he lives a long way away. Still, I got some enjoyment from the shared video experience. Lego is so cool.

The sifting. That's it right there, there's something in that looking and then checking the diagram to make sure it's on right. Top notch!