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Awwe, poor big brother G-dog, being lonely is no fun, I would totally build legos with you!

I'm sure Auz isn't that different than Canada, here we have a mentorship program called big brothers/big sisters where you can volunteer some of your time to connect with at risk youth in need of a part time role model or just someone to hangout with and talk. Maybe that could fulfil your heart's desire of sharing wisdoms with little-ish ones that will need it and may not get it otherwise and who doesn't like legos!


I would totally build Legos with you!

Bring snacks too? 😬

You're right, that concept is here for sure but it's done differently, more of a foster-parent/caretaker role I think. I don't know, I don't think it'd be good for me if I got attached to the little blighter you know? They have to go at some stage. It's a thought though. I do some work with kids with shooting, training and all, and I like doing that but it's different than having my own I guess.

I'm not really too cut up about it, I mean it's been years of coming to terms with it now so it's not a new concept. Sometimes I get a little wistful is all. I haven't got a kid so I have to be the kid.

I hope you're well Rebecca. [Marielle.] 😉

I was thinking of making white chocolate macadamia cookies , I'll double the batch so we don't run out. You better bring the milk tho, I like it cold....rrrrreal cold.

Ok, no this program is different...we have that too, you see them at a youth centers or a set of approved activities for an hour or 2 per week, go to some of their school sports game if that's what they want. They all grow up and it's sad to see them go but it can make a huge difference in their lives, both fostering or a smaller commitment of mentoring. Learning to let go and things with no defined endings or closure is a healthy part of life.

I know how you feel tho, totally the same with me. I always wanted some but having a career and life always happens, circumstances are never right, it just never really manifested and I don't push things, I just let life flow. Maybe the universe had a different plan for me than I did. Sometimes I wish things were different sometimes I'm happy as things are...depends on the days. I did get a miscarriage way back sometimes I wonder what my life would have turned out like but I don't really emotionally concern myself with it too much or overthink the situation. Not having kids also means you can have nice things without them constantly getting wrecked or constantly stepping on legos.

Be the kid! Be the kid! lol

I'm well enough I guess, still recovering. Hope you are well too.

I'm with you on the cold milk thing so all good there, and yep doubling up the cookies would be advisable.

You know, I might look into the thing here and see what I can find; I'm sure I could add some value to some poor little tacker who needs it. I mentor adults so it's not much different.

Your last paragraph...That's pretty much how I see it except for the miscarriage of course; I'm sorry that happened to you and also for not being able to understand how terrible that must have been through having no experience with it.

Good to hear you're going ok and moving forward with the health scenario. I had an operation last week but am ok, getting better, despite some complications. I'm tough though, resilient, and so I'll have a whinge now and then and just move on. Probably much like yourself I'd guess.

#beingthekid 😀

Some adults are pretty childish so I'm sure it isn't rocket science to mentor a kid instead. Probably easier.

It wasn't a fun experience that's for sure but I was also in a really bad and toxic relationship that ended soon after , I probably would have stayed in it if that child was born. Somethings are almost blessings in disguise even when they are painful. On the days where it bothers me a bit, I get this weird dream of a little boy that visits me and rubs my hair, makes it all ok...we just have to wait a little while to meet on the other side. Maybe my subconscious interpreting my emotions or some godly afterlife voo-doo shit...either way it's pleasant and comforting when I wake up. I always wake up right after too and still feel the tiny hand clumsily brushing my hair back.

Oh wow, that sounds like a rough couple of weeks for you too. Well wishes and a speedy recovery, I hope it wasn't anything too serious. Seems like everyone I know is getting sick lately. Maybe I need some getting used to this getting old shit...I don't like it that much to be honest :D

Being sick sucks but what can you do, like you said, whine about it a bit and move on.

Hmm, that dream thing...They say a lot of great import happens in our dreams although I'm not so savvy in interpreting them I guess. I'd say it's your subconscious saying that it's all ok I suppose but someone with some skill in this area would be able to make better sense of it. The good thing is that you wake up feeling better. I can imagine that episode stays with you but as you say it was maybe something that needed to happen to inspire some change? I'd a guy so have no fucking clue what I'm saying here though. I'll shut up now.

I'm ok, just some pain really...The healing thing will take some months. It's not necessarily an old person thing but for sure I'm with you on that aspect...It sucks. Still, it's going to happen I guess.

I do have sensitivities to paranormal things but I also have a bias to the situation so judgement can be clouded in that regards. I don't question the what, just then end results matter. No worries, always feel free to speak even if I might not agree with it, it's good to have male perspective on things too. Doesn't mean I'll take it seriously tho ;)

I can't imagine the pain of surgery and the recovery. Sucks that will take you ot for a few months, that's a kick in the pants for sure. It's gonna happen like it or not, we are not invincible even if we think we can EMA our way around forever uninterrupted. Being awesome is hard work, beast machines need time for maintenance too. hehe

good to have male perspective on things too. Doesn't mean I'll take it seriously though

As a man I'm used to women not taking me seriously.

I almost EMA'd the surgeon because there was some infection but she's a she and I'd never EMA a woman. I EMA'd a few random fellows instead, poor bastards; One might not pull through.

Us beastly machines certainly need our maintenance at times; Some relaxation, a slow down...Milk and cookies.

MMM Milk and cookies...half baked soft cookies...Dunked in delicious COOOOLD milk.

Well take comfort that you did the ethical thing, sometimes there is collateral damage, wrong place at the wrong time. :D He shouldn't have been there.