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I know you didn't say that to get suggestions.... but....

Sometimes there are friends that are single Moms whose child could really use the company of a grown man sometimes, especially the influence of a good one. I know it is not nearly the same, but some little fella would probably love to build with you sometime.

I don't have children of my own either. Life was crazy and had more unexpecteds than expecteds.... ha ha .... and that's just the way it is. I have two brothers & two sisters. My two brothers and my older sister each have 3 (now grown) children and my younger sister has two (her youngest just finished college and passed her licensing exam a couple of days ago to be an RN !). My younger brother just became a grand dad for the 9th time this morning (OMG!).... and they call him Captain..... for no good reason ! ha ha (my brother, not the baby !) There are more grands too.....4 more ! .....and life goes on.

That looks like quite the complicated build. Having some good music going on while enjoying a fun hobby is the best.


Hi Jacey thanks for commenting, and acknowledging that I wasn't looking for suggestions - It's quite ok to do so though of course.

The single mom thing is an option I guess and someone else mentioned the big brother mentor program which is available in most cities I guess. It's a definite option, but just isn't the same I guess. The other thing is the fear of repercussions that could come from it...I mean one only has to look in the media for stories where possibly innocent people have been accused of some wrongdoing, most often for financial gain for the accuser...You know what I'm saying? I am a pretty cautious fellow in that way, even at work I never place myself in a situation when I am alone in a room with a female unless there is a camera recording it. Accusations like that can destroy a person life whether they are true or not.

It seems like you have a fairly large family and it's growing still! All those kids and none for you. I actually know people who have no kids and others that do and I guess they all make the best of whatever situation they have. I'm not one to agree with IVF though, manufactured pregnancies although many would shoot me down for saying so...No matter, shooting at me rarely has the desired effect. 😀

Anyway, thanks for commenting, I actually really appreciate it. It's the by-play and commenting that I really enjoy here, clearly evidenced by the comment thread on this post with @ladybug146.

I do understand about the negative possibilities with those things these days. Such a shame that good people have to hold back doing good because of it. Such.A.Shame !

There's trade offs for sure in the life styles of those with and without. Good things about both ways.

I'd never knowingly put someone in a position to have to make a complaint of that nature however it's pretty sad that I have to contemplate it; There have been many cases where an innocent person has been implicated in things like this hence my cautious nature. It's interesting these days as we're seeming far more mixed-gender bathroom blocks in buildings in the city...It's only a matter of time before a woman runs out yelling she was assaulted by a bloke who just happened to be in there at the same time. If it is true then fair enough, but if not then it potentially ruins a person's life or career etc. So I don't place myself in that situation just in case, like a lot of other men probably.

It is a shame and that mixed gender bathroom decision going on should have been nixed before it got started good for that very reason.... and to try to help preserve the innocence of the very young.

A body cam, I guess we all need one now. Just as I was typing that, I thought, how would THAT go over in a restroom. LOL !!!!

Lol, restroom bodycam's...Hmm, you do it first and let me know how it goes. 🤣

I'm not telling I have it on unless I need the footage later. LOL Maybe one of those disguised spy cams. yeah.... that's it.

Haha, yep that's the way to do it...I think you can get sunglasses with a camera in them. You can pretend you're a spy.

A plan is brewing now.... right ??😄