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RE: Redemption through Lego Technic

in LEGO2 years ago

Legos !

Those were so fun, although I'm not sure I've had any in my hands since I was a child. I don't remember there being such complicated builds, more of a large pack of Legos, small suggestions and our imagination to make things up. One of my nephews was a Lego whiz though when he was very small. He has 6 unruly kids of his own now. I am wondering if he still has his Legos of old or if his minions have scattered them to the ends of the farm. LOL.... I may be inclined to ask one day.

I'm sure you are having great fun !


Lego is fun for all ages, one just had to find their inner-child; Not difficult for me. The builds I do are Lego Technic so far more complicatedthan traditional Lego, but I also freestyle with Lego classic. It's all fun.

Thanks for commenting. 😉

P.s.I'm.betting that minion-scattering occurred. 🤣