The Dakar Truck - Finished Product

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So yesterday I explained that I was making a Dakar Style racing truck out of Lego that would be remote controlled. yesterday we saw the build which ended with me learning to construct some code to control the the truck through an app on my phone so without any further Ado let's fire this thing up and see if it moves.

Dakar Driving.gif

It lives, okay it lives slowly, it's not going much more offroad than the relative smoothness of my balcony, but it goes forward and back and steers and that is pretty impressive.

But let's have a closer look a the finished product

I really like the proportions of this - it's about 40cm long, 25 cm high and 15 cms wide - it feels as solid as a rock. Highlights from this angle - the two sets of wheel arches, I like that the designer (which isn't me by the way but someone on rebrickable) hasn't gone with the easy option and used the ones from the original set. Also the exhaust looks awesome I think.

Front (1 of 1).jpg

The other side and we can see what I was describing yesterday as one of the keys to MOC building - the use of the stickers from the original set - the Volvo logo and A60H sticker needs to be in a logical space.

Front 3 quarter (1 of 1).jpg

The side profile shows how realistic this is the angles are all perfect.

side (1 of 1).jpg

And of course the rear - the two spare wheels are amazing - not quite where they would be on the real things, but clever none the less - also helpful as the tyres got dirty in this photoshoot so I could change them over whilst I washed and dried the originals.

rear (1 of 1).jpg

From the top - the highlights - the fans - they don't do anything but they hint at air-conditioning which I like. Also more A60H logos this time I've selected the sun visor at the front and just above the spare tyres so it'll be picked up by the imaginary TV cameras.

top (1 of 1).jpg

And just a closer look at the cabin

front close (1 of 1).jpg

and ready for action

action (1 of 1).jpg


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Awesome final build! I love seeing it 'out in the wild,' too, so to speak.