Formula 1 and Lego

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f1 evo.jpg

For a Formula 1 fan life is pretty tough at the moment, not a single race has happened this year (and frankly I'm not that confident that we will get much going)

So what is a man to do to scratch an F1 itch? Well it's turn to Lego and make himself some Formula 1 inspired cars.

What you see above are two of my designs and one official Lego Set.

Let's start with the official.

f1 1976.jpg

How cool is this design? The year is 1976 - that's right 44 years ago.... It's set number 695-1 and there are some interesting features here, the fat tyres at the back (actually just two tyres on each side) the black and yellow colour scheme - a little bit Lotus 78 - but without that pesky cigarette sponsorship. The 8 cyclinder engine at the rear, the yellow taps for no good reason and the exhaust pipes at the rear - all very cool for the mid 70's

F1 Evo2.jpg

But we can be a little more advanced these days. Time for a Ferrari

f1 Ferrari.jpg

This is actually an alternative build from set 75886-1 from the speed champions range - it was orginally a Ferrari 488 GT3 but I like it in F1 mode.

F1 Ferrari Insta.jpg

The pieces allowed for nice packaging for the sidepods (even if the number ends up sideways) and the front and rear wings I think have a F1 vibe, no halo of course - I did give it a try but it ruined the look. I like the compact size and that it's a min-fig scale.

F1 Orange Insta 2.jpg

And lastly a bigger F1 car - this one a a alternative build for set 31089-1 which is originally a 3-1 creator set (two different cars and a speedboat). This car has a 2008 Renault/ING type livery (around the time of crash-gate) maybe not as sculptured as the Ferrari but I like the low font wing, the wide rear wing, with skinnier supports and the start of a vertical turning vanes on the side and a engine cover with looks real.

f1 two of them.jpg

Best of all I've made instructions on how to build this one which you can get at Rebrickable - if you build it let me know.

This journey into F1 cars has reminded me of a few things a) Lego has changed a lot over the years, and b) there is still great fun to be had in redesigning and rebuilding sets into something they weren't planning.

F1 rears.jpg
I love the rear difussers on the new cars.

f1 Ferrari 2.jpg


These are lovely, and to me anyways, more exciting to look at than most F1 races these days. I'm more into the old-school F1, without too many rules and regs stripping away some of the action and fun. It's great to see how much you can do with Legos, and I love the stacks on that V8 in the Lotus F1 car. It reminds me of a much earlier Lotus from the 60s, barring the wing of course.

Cheers for sharing ❤️!


I'm still trying to get over my disappointment at the Melbourne GP being cancelled at the last minute and have been trying to recover ever since. Lego is a good gap-filer...But it's not quite enough for me I'm afraid...I don't like to wish life away of course, but I am really looking forward to seeing some racing. Sooner rather than later.

We can only hope.... Sim racing just ain't the same.

I'll be honest, I haven't watched any of it. I'm not a gamer, and see it simply as a game, with no skin in the game so to speak, and so don't get into it. There's nothing on the line, no real-world variables and it's all rather bland to me. We'll just have to wait for the real thing. I've been watching old GP's though, from the 1990's and 2000's so that's been something.