Sometimes there's milk and cookies

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I don't usually waste time dwelling upon things I cannot change although I found myself doing so the other day when building my current Lego project and it made me a little sad. I still had a good time building of course, the process of piecing tiny bits together to create the larger whole always makes me happy, but I couldn't help thinking that a little buddy to build with would be so cool and that's what made me feel somewhat sad.

I've watched my brother build Lego with his daughter @smallsteps on video chats and I'll admit to feeling a little jealous - I have no children of my own, with no chance of it occurring, so it's just me when I build; I wish I could share the experience with a little person like my father did with me - Those Lego sessions are some of my best memories from my childhood days and I know my father valued those moments also.

As I said, I don't dwell on it but at times I lament the fact I've not got anyone to pass on my skills, knowledge and wisdom to, and to build Lego with. In lieu of a Lego-buddy I generally put some music on and build on regardless and sometimes there's milk and cookies the same as there would be if I had a little tacker with me.

Building a Volvo hauler

This fully articulated six-wheeler, when complete, will operate by remote control, change gears and speed, steer, go forward and back and the load-tub will raise and lower. It's been an enjoyable, although fairly complex, build so far and I put a few more hours into it the other day bringing the second of four build-stages to completion - It kind of looks like something now and below is some photos of that build-session.


This is what the hauler will look like when complete - I'm hoping it works too. There's three electric motors that make the various parts operate and Lego's most complex gearbox ever to handle the gear changing. I have my fingers crossed it works. ⬆️


This is how stage two began. Above lower left shows the front steering axle and that part tilted off at an angle is the mechanism that articulates, making the cabin section turn independently from the load-tub. ⬆️

20210617_180742-COLLAGE (1).jpg

Here I'm constructing the cab itself and preparing the sub-frame to hold one of the electric motors which you can see at lower left. Some assembly's are built separately in modules and then connected together as you can see here. The two sections above lower right are joined to create what you see in the top two images. I've picked it up here to show perspective. ⬆️

The below image shows that motor section a little closer. That three-pronged thing to the lower right of the image is what the wheel will eventually connect to. The three motors will eventually all plug into the battery pack and the remote control fun will begin.

It was about this point when the milk and cookies happened as all that building had exhausted my energy and snacks were required. Those cookies were seriously good with soft chocolate on the inside...I had two...Ok, I actually had four!


At this stage the hauler looks like a jumble of bits but as stage two of the build draws to its end the hauler starts to take shape and actually look like a truck. It's always good to see the set come together and start to look like an actual thing. It's exciting.

After my snacks I cleaned up, like a good boy, and got back to building knowing that before long the cab section will get married up with the back of the truck - I was eager to see it come together...I may have had a fifth cookie first though.


Part of the cabin section and front fenders are on now, and in the lower photos above you can see the camshaft that will operate the pistons on the engine as it moves forward. ⬆️


Here you can see me pointing to the front differential in the top image that will transfer the drive from north-south out of the electric motors to east west to the front wheels which is exactly what would happen in the real-life version. Lower left shows where it sits in the chassis and lower right shows the rear section ready to attach to the front. ⬆️


The front and back sections joined together and my hand to add size perspective; It's pretty big. This is the end of stage two of the four stage build. ⬆️


This image shows some of the gears and cogs that will eventually make the truck work. Towards the rear you can see some of the gearbox that will switch the gears. ⬆️


Stage one of this build was frustrating as I had to pull it all apart after I had suspected I'd made a mistake - As it turns out I had not. Stage two went quite well though and was really enjoyable, helped along by milk and cookies of course. I'm not sure when I'll get to stage three but as the truck comes together I'll get more eager to see it completed so it could be soon...I'll need to buy more cookies first though.

I love building Lego and have done so since those early days building with my dad and playing with our creations, pulling them apart and doing it all again. I've made peace with having no children of my own and taking someone else's isn't much of an option so I'm on my own I guess - It's not all bad though, it means more cookies for me!

I think I might have made a good dad although who really knows until in that situation I guess. My dad, well he wasn't perfect because no one is; He did the best he could with what he had at his disposal, just like my mum did also. I have those early days of their influence to tank for allowing me the ability to discover who I was later, to be the person willing and able to develop into what I am today. I'll never have the chance to pass that on to a little person of my own and I have come to terms with it - Maybe that's why I'm a man-child myself?

Thanks for looking at the pictures.

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I go through your post and seen your pictures, really your ideas and memories are precious it looks you were so attached with your daddy. Its true what we are now its shadow of our parents you have great skills to build a model by little pieces its because of your great father.

I'm my own man, the values my parents taught me have allowed me to find my own way through failure and success.

Its the real quality of parents to teach their kid to face ups and down of life.
Just like the eagle when it feels time comes to fly they provide such condition for their kids to handle the situation.
GREAT parents always trained us to face new situations and they transfer some skills to us.

That thing is seriously huge

Yep it is...I hope when it's done I will be able to say it works too. Lol.

I'm working up to this...Although already need a bigger house to store all my other builds so...not sure. 😆

Awwe, poor big brother G-dog, being lonely is no fun, I would totally build legos with you!

I'm sure Auz isn't that different than Canada, here we have a mentorship program called big brothers/big sisters where you can volunteer some of your time to connect with at risk youth in need of a part time role model or just someone to hangout with and talk. Maybe that could fulfil your heart's desire of sharing wisdoms with little-ish ones that will need it and may not get it otherwise and who doesn't like legos!

I would totally build Legos with you!

Bring snacks too? 😬

You're right, that concept is here for sure but it's done differently, more of a foster-parent/caretaker role I think. I don't know, I don't think it'd be good for me if I got attached to the little blighter you know? They have to go at some stage. It's a thought though. I do some work with kids with shooting, training and all, and I like doing that but it's different than having my own I guess.

I'm not really too cut up about it, I mean it's been years of coming to terms with it now so it's not a new concept. Sometimes I get a little wistful is all. I haven't got a kid so I have to be the kid.

I hope you're well Rebecca. [Marielle.] 😉

I was thinking of making white chocolate macadamia cookies , I'll double the batch so we don't run out. You better bring the milk tho, I like it cold....rrrrreal cold.

Ok, no this program is different...we have that too, you see them at a youth centers or a set of approved activities for an hour or 2 per week, go to some of their school sports game if that's what they want. They all grow up and it's sad to see them go but it can make a huge difference in their lives, both fostering or a smaller commitment of mentoring. Learning to let go and things with no defined endings or closure is a healthy part of life.

I know how you feel tho, totally the same with me. I always wanted some but having a career and life always happens, circumstances are never right, it just never really manifested and I don't push things, I just let life flow. Maybe the universe had a different plan for me than I did. Sometimes I wish things were different sometimes I'm happy as things are...depends on the days. I did get a miscarriage way back sometimes I wonder what my life would have turned out like but I don't really emotionally concern myself with it too much or overthink the situation. Not having kids also means you can have nice things without them constantly getting wrecked or constantly stepping on legos.

Be the kid! Be the kid! lol

I'm well enough I guess, still recovering. Hope you are well too.

I'm with you on the cold milk thing so all good there, and yep doubling up the cookies would be advisable.

You know, I might look into the thing here and see what I can find; I'm sure I could add some value to some poor little tacker who needs it. I mentor adults so it's not much different.

Your last paragraph...That's pretty much how I see it except for the miscarriage of course; I'm sorry that happened to you and also for not being able to understand how terrible that must have been through having no experience with it.

Good to hear you're going ok and moving forward with the health scenario. I had an operation last week but am ok, getting better, despite some complications. I'm tough though, resilient, and so I'll have a whinge now and then and just move on. Probably much like yourself I'd guess.

#beingthekid 😀

Some adults are pretty childish so I'm sure it isn't rocket science to mentor a kid instead. Probably easier.

It wasn't a fun experience that's for sure but I was also in a really bad and toxic relationship that ended soon after , I probably would have stayed in it if that child was born. Somethings are almost blessings in disguise even when they are painful. On the days where it bothers me a bit, I get this weird dream of a little boy that visits me and rubs my hair, makes it all ok...we just have to wait a little while to meet on the other side. Maybe my subconscious interpreting my emotions or some godly afterlife voo-doo shit...either way it's pleasant and comforting when I wake up. I always wake up right after too and still feel the tiny hand clumsily brushing my hair back.

Oh wow, that sounds like a rough couple of weeks for you too. Well wishes and a speedy recovery, I hope it wasn't anything too serious. Seems like everyone I know is getting sick lately. Maybe I need some getting used to this getting old shit...I don't like it that much to be honest :D

Being sick sucks but what can you do, like you said, whine about it a bit and move on.

Hmm, that dream thing...They say a lot of great import happens in our dreams although I'm not so savvy in interpreting them I guess. I'd say it's your subconscious saying that it's all ok I suppose but someone with some skill in this area would be able to make better sense of it. The good thing is that you wake up feeling better. I can imagine that episode stays with you but as you say it was maybe something that needed to happen to inspire some change? I'd a guy so have no fucking clue what I'm saying here though. I'll shut up now.

I'm ok, just some pain really...The healing thing will take some months. It's not necessarily an old person thing but for sure I'm with you on that aspect...It sucks. Still, it's going to happen I guess.

I do have sensitivities to paranormal things but I also have a bias to the situation so judgement can be clouded in that regards. I don't question the what, just then end results matter. No worries, always feel free to speak even if I might not agree with it, it's good to have male perspective on things too. Doesn't mean I'll take it seriously tho ;)

I can't imagine the pain of surgery and the recovery. Sucks that will take you ot for a few months, that's a kick in the pants for sure. It's gonna happen like it or not, we are not invincible even if we think we can EMA our way around forever uninterrupted. Being awesome is hard work, beast machines need time for maintenance too. hehe

good to have male perspective on things too. Doesn't mean I'll take it seriously though

As a man I'm used to women not taking me seriously.

I almost EMA'd the surgeon because there was some infection but she's a she and I'd never EMA a woman. I EMA'd a few random fellows instead, poor bastards; One might not pull through.

Us beastly machines certainly need our maintenance at times; Some relaxation, a slow down...Milk and cookies.

That's a monster build. It's sure come a long way since we were kids.
Twelve block shapes, four colours. Maybe a sticker sheet if you got lucky.

My 11 year old would love a range-day if you're happy to take us.
Not sure on age limits, but he's all about the engineering. Also war history, vehicles etc.

Lol. Oh yeah, things are a bit different now...Better, but my nostalgic side remembers the old days with fondness and a little simplicity can be a good thing. Less stress over whether Lego's most complex gearbox is going to work once I've completes the set. 😂

Hmm, eleven should be ok. We can arrange the details on Discord if you like.

That looks like a complicated Lego project!

Reminded me of the one and only Technic Lego object I played around with when I was young, must be the end of the 70s or early 80s, not sure anymore. A big skelter... hmm, maybe not big, but felt big because I was small back then :) Didn't have an engine by the Lego team, so I used an engine from m y train set to drive the skelter like remote control, though it was with a remote control attached with wires to the engine. I even connected some light that I could switch on/off as well. I think also some stuff I got from my train set, not sure anymore.

Being able to share with a little one. Why not befriend one or more of the little ones in your area and share your Lego enthusiasm with them, like if they were your children?

Lego Technic used to be a little less complicated but it's cool how you motorised it; That's the thing with Lego I guess, it inspires creativity and gets people thinking. Nice work. Do you build Lego these days?

Sometimes I wished I still had my Lego sets. But when my niece started to like Lego, I gave all mine to her. She has outgrown Lego, so maybe I shall request her to give all the Lego to me again. Maybe I will. The downside of that would be: Even less time for me to spend on HIVE while I'm planning for weeks to increase my HIVE time. Ah well, who knows what will happen. I'm taking it day by day, more or less :)

In the past, when playing with Lego, I used to combine this with Playmobile and sometimes even with Fisher Technic. I always loved the playmobile puppets, being larger in size than the Lego versions.

If she's not using it then it should boomerang back to you for sure!

I am going to dismantle some of my Technic sets and send to my niece @smallsteps, my brother @tarazkp's daughter and also my nephew. Both a little young for it just yet but that's the plan.

I hope you get some of that Lego back and you can build and also do some hive posts about it. Win-win situation I think.

Cool you plan to share some of your passion with your niece and nephew. Spreading the Vibes 🙃
Yeah, lets see what will happen on Lego front for me. You have a point with the win-win! 😜
NJOY the weekend 🎶

Gotta share the fun right?

Have a good weekend yourself sir. Thanks for commenting.


I know it os not really easy to build but with this simple analogy i think u have made it more easy for anyone who may want to build. I love what u said at the introduction stage of doing away with what one doesn't have control over. Both morally and scientifically i have gain one or two things

Trying to control something that is beyond one's ability to control only burns energy and effort for no valid reason. It's best to focus that energy and effort into the things that can be influenced in the pursuit of better results.

Learning the ability to move past roadblocks and onto better destinations is a good skill.

Thanks for your comment.

Impressive! You are just a Lego champion, I have no proper words of admiration as your lego work is so cool! G., I am so sure you would have been a great dad and it is so unfortunate that such awesome genes can't be passed down. But maybe there is a little part of you in smallsteps and you might see her grow and be much alike in some areas. I notice at the daughter of my sister that she is very much like me, artistic, introvert, dreamy, she just lives on another Planet hahah.

I don't know what would I do of I couldn't have kids. Adoption is just something I can't see myself doing and I do want my own kids. In the same time I am also surprised how people with great, spectacular genes, can't make babies, while some people who neglect themselves can easily pop off 3 to 10 kids easy.... Such is life. Destiny I guess.

You are just a Lego champion

Nah, just an average, nothin' special sorta guy Mary. 😀

I think @smallsteps is going to be a cool little person and already has personality traits that Taraz and I used to have, and probably still do, just like your own niece I think.

Destiny...Yeah I guess to some degree. If kids (only wanted one) was a thing for me it would have happened I suppose. Instead I'll have to be the kid.

Sometimes being a kid is good even when we are adults. It is the kid who always has the most fun if we let him. In a sense, we never grow old inside

I know you didn't say that to get suggestions.... but....

Sometimes there are friends that are single Moms whose child could really use the company of a grown man sometimes, especially the influence of a good one. I know it is not nearly the same, but some little fella would probably love to build with you sometime.

I don't have children of my own either. Life was crazy and had more unexpecteds than expecteds.... ha ha .... and that's just the way it is. I have two brothers & two sisters. My two brothers and my older sister each have 3 (now grown) children and my younger sister has two (her youngest just finished college and passed her licensing exam a couple of days ago to be an RN !). My younger brother just became a grand dad for the 9th time this morning (OMG!).... and they call him Captain..... for no good reason ! ha ha (my brother, not the baby !) There are more grands too.....4 more ! .....and life goes on.

That looks like quite the complicated build. Having some good music going on while enjoying a fun hobby is the best.

Hi Jacey thanks for commenting, and acknowledging that I wasn't looking for suggestions - It's quite ok to do so though of course.

The single mom thing is an option I guess and someone else mentioned the big brother mentor program which is available in most cities I guess. It's a definite option, but just isn't the same I guess. The other thing is the fear of repercussions that could come from it...I mean one only has to look in the media for stories where possibly innocent people have been accused of some wrongdoing, most often for financial gain for the accuser...You know what I'm saying? I am a pretty cautious fellow in that way, even at work I never place myself in a situation when I am alone in a room with a female unless there is a camera recording it. Accusations like that can destroy a person life whether they are true or not.

It seems like you have a fairly large family and it's growing still! All those kids and none for you. I actually know people who have no kids and others that do and I guess they all make the best of whatever situation they have. I'm not one to agree with IVF though, manufactured pregnancies although many would shoot me down for saying so...No matter, shooting at me rarely has the desired effect. 😀

Anyway, thanks for commenting, I actually really appreciate it. It's the by-play and commenting that I really enjoy here, clearly evidenced by the comment thread on this post with @ladybug146.

I do understand about the negative possibilities with those things these days. Such a shame that good people have to hold back doing good because of it. Such.A.Shame !

There's trade offs for sure in the life styles of those with and without. Good things about both ways.

I'd never knowingly put someone in a position to have to make a complaint of that nature however it's pretty sad that I have to contemplate it; There have been many cases where an innocent person has been implicated in things like this hence my cautious nature. It's interesting these days as we're seeming far more mixed-gender bathroom blocks in buildings in the city...It's only a matter of time before a woman runs out yelling she was assaulted by a bloke who just happened to be in there at the same time. If it is true then fair enough, but if not then it potentially ruins a person's life or career etc. So I don't place myself in that situation just in case, like a lot of other men probably.

It is a shame and that mixed gender bathroom decision going on should have been nixed before it got started good for that very reason.... and to try to help preserve the innocence of the very young.

A body cam, I guess we all need one now. Just as I was typing that, I thought, how would THAT go over in a restroom. LOL !!!!

Lol, restroom bodycam's...Hmm, you do it first and let me know how it goes. 🤣

I'm not telling I have it on unless I need the footage later. LOL Maybe one of those disguised spy cams. yeah.... that's it.

Haha, yep that's the way to do it...I think you can get sunglasses with a camera in them. You can pretend you're a spy.

I will admit, some of my more favourite moments are when one of my boys will build with me. Or go shoot some archery. Or just play a game.

The funny thing is, being a parent, you (at least I) feel that absolutely everything I do is 100% wrong. I look at my boys now and wonder if I've passed anything down to them at all. That said, I know where you're coming from. I'd be lonely without'em, so I feel for you.

And now that's a pretty good looking build you've got going there. That is a lot of small parts that I am pretty sure my cat would love to scatter for you, given the opportunity.

You're probably right you know, especially considering I'm somewhat of a knucklehead. :) I probably would have messed up my kid's lives if I had any. Although, they'd know how to build Lego!

It's a fun build and yep, small parts. Luckily my cat is too busy sleeping to bother me and the Lego. :)