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RE: Sometimes there's milk and cookies

in LEGO2 years ago

good to have male perspective on things too. Doesn't mean I'll take it seriously though

As a man I'm used to women not taking me seriously.

I almost EMA'd the surgeon because there was some infection but she's a she and I'd never EMA a woman. I EMA'd a few random fellows instead, poor bastards; One might not pull through.

Us beastly machines certainly need our maintenance at times; Some relaxation, a slow down...Milk and cookies.


MMM Milk and cookies...half baked soft cookies...Dunked in delicious COOOOLD milk.

Well take comfort that you did the ethical thing, sometimes there is collateral damage, wrong place at the wrong time. :D He shouldn't have been there.

collateral damage, wrong place at the wrong time. :D He shouldn't have been there

I blame him. The fact I had to run after and catch him to administer the EMA beating is beside the point.

Stop teasing me with talk of cold milk and cookies...I'll end up ruining my dinner appetite...Actually no I won't, pizza tonight. Home made. :)

Details aren't important, he can't prove it. I hope you EMA'd potential witnesses too...loose lips sink the ship.
I mean at least he was at the right place to get patched afterwards, I think that is considerate and a gentleman thing to do.

MMMM...Home made pizza!! Always the best kind. I made some of that a couple days ago with a big fat Caesar salad (or maybe it was a bacon and cheese salad with romaine lettuce bits, my memory can be fuzzy :p)

It always pays to take out a few potential witnesses, even just to dissipate some of the residual EMAness.

Yeah, pizza! I'm doing a tomato salad with it...Cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil, olive oil, dijon mustard, salt, cider vinegar. Just basic. Should be good. I could go a Caesar salad though. No stuff to make it though. My tomato salad will work though I guess.

Less is more, sounds delish! I like that with balsamic vinegar instead of ACV too. I always have stuff to make caesar salad...except they weird green lawn looking thing that people put in it. (JK I have romaine too most times). It's a quick meal when I feel wilted. (or hungry in the middle of the night). Working nightshift for most of my life I still get hungry at 10:30 pm, 2 am and 6 am sleeping or at work. This beast machine can be on a timer.

It's weird how the body remembers an eating habit right? I'm sure there's some boffin around the place who knows the reason why too! 🤪

Being winter here I'm not on the salads so much but when over at the market today picking up pizza stuff I saw dem tomato's and figured they would go with the pizza. It's a big bowl of tomato salad for a single fella, expecially with the pizza as well, but I reckon I'll cope. It might end up on toast later tonight for a snack. 😏

Beast timing is a feature on the next-generation iWatch I've heard.

I bet the STEM Lassies and Lads could indeed answer that.

Funny how things are reversed for us, we are beginning of summer...just about. Wouldn't it be ironic to take a warm vacation to Canada to escape Auz winter someday!!! (I really shouldn't be left on my own to think with keyboard access...don't delete me lmao :D)

You also don't have to eat them all at once, they do keep a couple of days!

I kinda want to line up for a couple of days for such a device, will it be equipped with automatic EMA target updates as well?

Dem STEM geeks know all!

I'd love to hit Canada, the only problem is I might want to stay as I've heard it is awesome. So is Australia of course, but a change of scenery could be good.

So,you mean I don't have to eat everything all at once? Damn it,took me 51 years to find that out! I'll say though, I'm eating all of that pizza! 🙄

Oh yes, that new device will have a deserves to be fucken' EMA'd targeting system so no one deserving a good EMA thrashing will escape notice. It comes with interchangeable coloured bezels and straps too so will suit any outfit also. 🤣