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I usually don't take as long as it's taken me to complete this build but life gets in the way sometimes and I've just not had the time to do much Lego building in the last couple of weeks. However at last I can finally present the finished product of this three-stage build!

This vehicle hasn't been an overly technical build, not compared with the others I've done, however there were a few interesting parts around the building of the drive-train and engine and overall it's been fun. Here it is below, all finished.

This model has working pistons in the V8 engine which pop up and down as the vehicle moves along - They work in a particular order too, set by the camshaft like in a real engine. There's an image below.

The steering is operated by that little black knob at the rear of the vehicle - It's connected via a series of shafts that allow left and right steering although the lock to lock doesn't travel as far as some of the other more complex models I've built.

This vehicle is only one small component of a greater set, the transport truck and trailer that goes with it, and so whilst it's complete, there's still a lot of building to go to get the entire set completed.

Once totally complete the set will look like this. You can see the scale of the car as opposed to the truck and transport trailer and below is a picture of me holding the car so you can see how big it is in comparison to my hand as a reference point. The set is almost a metre long in all, 39 inches, so pretty big.

If you're keen on seeing the build process step by step you can take a look here at the previous two build-posts called The build begins and The build continues which shows the vehicle coming together little by little, and some of the more technical parts of the build.

As I said earlier, this build hasn't been as complicated as others although the truck and trailer stages are going to be much more technical as there's more moving parts and greater detail in the drive train. The trailer also has ramps that raise and lower to allow the car to be loaded and removed so it should be a bit of fun...What won't be fun is working out where I'm going to put the model once it complete as I don't really have any room left for something this big...But I'm sure I'll find a solution.

Overall I'm quite pleased with this part of the build and I think it looks pretty cool. It's not designed as the key focus-piece of the greater set and therefore isn't as detailed as it could have been but I think Lego did a great job at making it look right and I'm happy with it. It's also a two-in-one build meaning I can take it apart again and build it up into something completely different - Double the fun!

So thanks for taking a look at the pictures, and reading the words if you indeed did. Feel free to make some comments - That would make me really happy.

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Now when I was a nipper I would have built a lego car that looked like that in my mind but would in no way resemble it in reality. But that's the beauty of lego it fires the imagintation. My Millenium falcon was a bit of a mess as well but I loved it

I made some horrific looking free-build models as a kid...I had a lot of fun though, and it helped develop my imagination. I like free-building now, but just haven't got quite enough Lego to build the really cool stuff.

there's never enough lego

There's never enough Lego

Funny how the last word could be replaced with so many others:

  • Beer
  • Burgers
  • Cake
  • Weekend
  • Boobs
  • Corn chips and salsa
  • Pizza
  • Coffee
  • Time

...You get the idea. :)

so true so so so very true

That looks like a sports car. Your first kid will definitely love it!😄

My kid? I have no children...I'm the kid at 50 years old.

Oh really? That's cool to be a kid at 50. Hopefully you will have yours.

Oh, wow! That's some next-level puzzle, I love it! I used to love doing puzzles, even of 5,000 pieces! But never really tried something like this :D

I'm not good at jigsaw puzzles but am good with Lego. I like the technical aspect of it. I find it a lot of fun.

Oh I know, they look amazing! And I'm pretty sure not everyone can do them as the level of difficulty is way more increased and requires some imagination too :)

Looks pretty good. Excellent car park. Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

Yeah, pretty cool huh?


Very impressive build

It's getting there. I'll probably start the transporter this week which I'm looking forward too. It's big though, might get awkward on my Lego building bench, may have to move to the floor!

Ah, she's a beaut! It's a bit odd that it doesn't come with a bonnet, but at least now it's all the better to see those red camcovers with :-D

It has a bonnet, it's cut away as the engine sits higher than the bonnet-line, a fairly common thing with some high performance vehicles.

Ah, that's quite true. As the Americans would put it, maybe it'll benefit from a hood scoop, no?

Wow this looks exquisite! You did such a great job G.! You are so talented in assembling Lego! I really like the electric blue colour💙💙💙 How many hours did it take you to finish it?


This one only took a few hours although it happened over about two weeks as I've been pretty busy with other things. It was fun to build, not too technical. IU enjoyed it, and yep, it's a nice colour.

I'm sure you had a lot of fun doing this and that it helped you take your mind off some matters

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