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I've been building this Lego Technic car and transporter for a little while now and last week was able to complete stage two of the build which is the truck section seen in this post.

The first was the blue race car and the third stage is the trailer that tows along behind this truck.

This image shows the completed truck with the race car beside it. I took these in a trucking yard for a touch of realism.

I'm really pleased with how this truck stage came out and it was enjoyable to build...It was long though, so many parts, and many of them very small connecting-parts...All up this build is about 2,500 individual pieces so you can probably imagine that it takes some time...I had Lego thumb after finishing this truck stage; Lego thumb is a sore thumb from pushing in little Lego parts. 😁

The truck, being held by me to give perspective. With the trailer, yet to be built, attached it will total 86 centimetres long.

I had fun building this truck though and the process never ceases to amaze me; Pieces inserted right at the very early stage of the build come into play later on and make things work...It's engineered incredibly well, by some very smart Lego engineers and designers.

I only have a few decent images of the build this time but I think it'll be enough to give you an idea on how it all comes together.

Above you can see the mechanism that lowers the rear of the top load-deck. The operator works a small knob to the left side of the truck which connects to this mechanism via a series of shafts and cogs and when operated this mechanism lowers the two upright struts that connect the top and lower deck dropping it down for vehicle loading. Pictured below later in this post.

This series of images shows how the tilt cabin took shape. You can see the inner-workings which operate the tilt-action. It's pretty cool because it's all done via a lever on the right side of the truck. Also, when the lever is operated the top load-deck raises to permit the cab to tilt. It's very cool.

It's difficult to tell how big this model really is without something for perspective so I have a photo above with my hand in there to give perspective. When I've completed the trailer section I'll do another set of images but will have to use something else for perspective as it'll be too large to hold.

The truck loaded with the race car. It will look better when the rear trailer section is built and connected...But it looks cool right?

The top load-deck ramp drops down as I mention above. You can see the mechanism in the build-images above and here the ramp in the fully-down position. About in the middle of the truck, right there on the side, is the black knob the operator turns to wind the ramp down.

Here it is with the cabin tilted forward. It's cool because as the operator works the lever to tilt the cab, it simultaneously tilts up the top load-deck to give the cabin the clearance to move. It all happens at the same time.

Here's some of the tilt-mechanism that sits beneath the cabin. The lever to operate the tilt-action is on the side of the truck, visible in the image above this one.

I know most of you don't get into Lego and that's totally cool; We can't all like and dislike the same things. I really enjoy building it though, seeing things come together, work properly and knowing I made it happen. I find it rewarding and relaxing...Except when I make mistakes that cause me to have to back-track. Not fun, but still part of the fun I suppose. 😃

Anyway, thanks for taking a look.

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You can see the car build-stages and the first truck build-stage using the following links: Car stage one, Car stage two, Car stage three, Truck stage one.

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This looks great - I'm so happy you took it on an outing as well. This is putting my 80 piece truck builds to shame.

Thanks mate, I think it looks really nice. I'll do a full post on it and maybe some video once I've got the back trailer thing completed. I'm happy with how it came out though and it's been fun to build.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Lego have always offered challenging building materials for both young and old. Most times parents buy for children when too young and fathers take over the build.

This is most definitely complicated, takes endless patience and nice to see end product @galenkp

Yes, many father's have taken over Lego products from their kids. It's different for me though, I'm not a parent...Just a 50 year old who loves Lego. 😁

Once we stop doing what we enjoy, losing that flair for precision that brings about the child in us we are lost, keep going!

Yep, that's what I reckon too! 😉

Those look like decent kits. I have looked and we don't have a large selection here and I can see it being mainly down to the price as these are not cheap. Our exchange rates are going the opposite way and unfortunately are just too expensive.

Yep, it's fairly costly here too. I only buy it when it's on sale and tend to use gift cards given me by clients etc. I'm not one to waste money so that's the most cost effective way to buy Lego.

Nice build mate👍

Looks cool huh? Will be nice once the trailer is completed...Big set. 🙂

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The truck loaded with the race car. It will look better when the rear trailer section is built and connected...But it looks cool right?

I was waiting for that!

Looks good huh?

I'll get onto the trailer section which will balance out the whole thing and I'm considering getting the Corvette ZR-1 set which is the same scale as the blue one you see here...It will sit on the truck or trailer section and look really cool.

I have barely ever seen any of the fancier lego stuff so I'm eager for pics of it from you. :)

I've got some other sets I've built, I'll share them over time although you cat take a look back through the Lego community and fond some of my older posts. :)

Been waiting for this one :D Awesome job, really!

Only one stage to go, the trailer section. It'll finish it off nicely and I'll then do a decent post on it, maybe a video too. :)

I'd love to see the details in a video :)

I might have a go at it, see what I can do. I'm not so good at videos.

Wow! G..... You have done a spectacular job, it was mesmerizing to zoom in and notice the little parts!


It came out pretty well I think. Just the trailer to go now and it'll be finished. I have not started it yet though. Maybe on the weekend.

You're on a Lego roll hihi

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.