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Hey folks, I hope y'all are well on this most excellent of days; Friday! It's the gateway to the weekend and that means...Well, that means the weekend is not too far off, and that's cause for celebration right? I think so anyway.

I've had a reasonable day today. I went into the city to pick up a part for one of my grandfather's tripods which will mean it's usable again, had a bite to eat and wandered about some then came home, changed and went hiking. Legit day.

In the mid-afternoon I received some bad news that sort of annoyed me and derailed what otherwise would have been a good day and I decided I needed a distraction and so...

Lego building

I started this big Lego Technic build months and months ago, around March I think it was. I took it to the end of build stage two and...It sort of stalled. I've just not had the time, or when I have, I've not been in the mood so it sat on the side table in the formal lounge room since then. Not unloved, but un-finished and collecting dust.

It's a Volvo A60H hauler and is a pretty legit build: Lego's most complex gearbox which actually changes gears, three electric motors driving it forward and backward, the steering, cabin-articulation and the up-and-down tilt of the load area...All remote controlled. Legit!

Below is what it'll look like when completed, and image I took from the box it came in.


I decided that this would be my distraction this evening, my bad news building distraction and whilst I didn't think I'd get it through to the end of stage three of the build I figured three or four hours of building would take my mind off the other issues - I was right, it did.

I've finished up for the night now as it's almost time to go to sleep - I've got a shooting competition on Saturday and want to be rested. I ended up getting about two thirds the way through stage three of the build and it was enjoyable. I'll do a post on it at some point, when I get this build-stage complete and you'll see what I mean; it's just so cool.

There's something about sifting through Lego, looking for the right parts then clicking pieces together that feels good and tonight I put quite a few more of the 2193 individual pieces that make up this build together and managed to feel happier than I had been feeling.

I'm feeling pretty good that I've got this build back underway once again. I'm not sure when I'll get it totally complete but that's ok, it's the journey to that point that provides as much enjoyment as having a completed build...Although firing it up and controlling it by the app is going to be epic y'all!

I hope you folks have a great weekend planned although I know some of you are still in the early stages of your Friday. Get it done and get into your weekend huh?

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You're getting a bit of bad news lately aren't you x_x hope that wave is about done.

Is the most complex gearbox the same complex gearbox that's in the other builds with the most complex gearbox or a different one again? :D

The gearbox is the most complex ever, so is on a whole new level. It not only drives the build but changes gears. It is, essentially, what one wold find in a real vehicle. If you have ever seen the inside of a vehicles gearbox you'll know what I mean. Those boffins at Lego know what they're doing.

And yep...The hits keep coming. All good though Ry, I sometimes knuckle up and hit back and know how to absorb the body blows.

You've said "most complex ever" on a few builds that I recall is all XD

Yep, and as this build is one of the latest Lego have released and is cited as being their most complex gearbox to date it is in fact their most complex gearbox to date. The next may be more complex and in that case, should I actually get that build, I'll say most complex gearbox Lego has made once again, because to that date whatever it may be in the future, it will be, should it actually be their most complex. If it is not then I won't say it.

The complexity they're getting with their gearboxes is starting to terrify me as much as it intrigues me XP

That Volvo better have air conditioning. With 2200 pieces, you should be able to crank it up enough to generate some frost on the little Lego Dude/Dudette's head piece. :-)

Back in the 70's, my folks managed to get 4 or 5 tubs of Lego at an estate sale (maybe 2-3 bathtubs worth). Most were just bricks and flats ... but there were a couple of gears, shafts and wheels that allowed me to build things that I could drag/push along the floor. To my parents, it meant that they'd get time to themselves. To me ... it allowed my imagination to run wild!!!.

It wasn't until I went to high school that we passed on the horde to one of the neighbours who had a toddler. By then, the pile had grown and there were some space set and at least one technic set added to the bunch.

One day the neighbour actually called my mom to ask if it was all right to split the horde into 3 and pass it along. (Small Town Politeness). They both thought that the pile was simply too big for one child to fully enjoy.

I hope your comp goes well!!!

The legendary Lego horde is simply too big for one person. Best it was divided that many may enjoy it. Smart thinking.

Yep, I was the same, Lego as a parents couldn't afford the new stuff so we spent time collecting it from yard sales and places like that. Ah yeah the good times we had with Lego back then. I guess building now connects me to those days and brings the same enjoyment.

Almost time to head to the range. Got to get my gear arranged and game face on. 🤪

You created this?
This is way too good.

Yeah, pretty cool. It's not finished yet though.

Wow! That is awesome....🤗
Looking forward to see it all as a whole

Sorry about the bad news & wishing you a good Friday despite it, Galen. Building seems like a nice and challenging undertaking to distract, sharpen the mind and relax it, at the same time.

I didn’t realize that Lego could be so complex; seems like architecture, puzzle and crossword puzzle rolled into one 😊 Enjoy!

No elaborate weekend plans over, here, other than a fun little task of working on a video trailer for upcoming book — which I’m collaborating on with a fellow Hivean. One more reason to be grateful for this diverse, gifted community 🙏🏽

It's all pretty technical these days, especially with Lego Technic. I like the challenge, the satisfaction of putting it together piece by piece and, of course, finishing.

It sounds like you have a bit happening this weekend so hopefully that all works out and you manage to have a great one!

Did not know there was such a think as Lego technic; we live and learn.

Yeah, I appreciate creative work and collaboration, so I’m looking forward to it.


It's been around for a while but has started to become more and more technical. I enjoy it.

Cool, sounds like good exercise for builders & the mathematically-minded. I can hardly work a folding chair …

Y'know, one of the things that makes us human is that we understand the concept of bad news. If you think of any other creature, they just take things one meal at a time.

One of the things that makes us good humans is the ability to handle bad news and deal with it effectively while keeping a good demeanour. You certainly don't need me as a cheerleader, but you're a good role model for the rest of us.

(nice build; for a moment I thought the engine was a 9v battery)

I agree completely, the good humans comment. So many deal with things badly, meaning they allow the way the deal with things to affect other aspects of their own life or other people, negatively. That, good demeanour you mention is a better way to go than becoming bitter and twisted with a bad attitude. It's not always easy though, sometimes challenge and adversity has a way of twisting us.

For me? Well, I like to think I deal with things well although there's times when I do not. I suffer from the same condition as others, being human.

Thanks for your comments and compliment. I also hope to have the build done soon and I'll get a proper post done in the Lego community along the way.

Can't beat a bit of lego to focus and relax! Cant wait to see that beast out in the wild when it is built!

It's going to be epic...Provided I got that bloody gearbox assembled correctly. Could be a monumental failure. That'll mean, pull it apart and start again. Ah yes, Lego, the gift that keeps giving. I hope it works first time.

I hope it does too as there is nothing more heartbreaking than moving onto a bit then looking at the instructions then back at the complex bit you have just done and thinking, oh fuck, have I made an arse of that first piece!?

Oh yes, been there. If you recall, I had stage one built and did just that. Tore it down to nothing and started over. I'm hoping, and I don't want to jinx it, that it works.

I do indeed remember that. It was a brutal one so fingers crossed and a touching of the wood that this time no such thing!

Just the memory brings me the shivers.

I do indeed remember that. It was a brutal one so fingers crossed and a touching of the wood that this time no such thing!

Happy to read your Lego "pills" worked out to get rid of the bad news at least for a while. Hope you have fun tomorrow at the competition!

Lego can be frustrating but even when it is its enjoyable. 😁

Yep, I'm just getting my gear ready now, heading to range with a pit stop at a cafe for toasted sandwiches and coffee, then it's show time! ⭐

Have a good weekend yourself.

Glad you are back into the Lego build. And by the way what's that little green fellow up to these day's?

Yeah mate, it's bee a long time but came back to me pretty easily.

And by the way what's that little green fellow up to these day's?

Grouchy? He's about the place doing his own thing...He may come back at some stage but for now he's a little social-media shy.

I was starting to wonder if you ever finished that build, go to see you picking it up again

Yeah, it's been a while...I'm almost done with stage three so one to go.

After watching this post I feel like buying one as well, but the price tag is pretty hefty . I might have to cut down on beer next month .

Yep, it's a legit set but also quite expensive. I could use that as an excuse for drawing out the build for so long I guess, getting my money's worth. It's a pretty fun build though and I'm looking forward to finishing it and playing with it...If I built that gearbox properly that is.

Those gearboxes can be pretty complicated and totally out of my wheelhouse, but, you have fun with it. :) Hope it helped and let's get this shooting day going! Good luck!

Stop it with the bad news. There is only so much of that a person can have and still feel human.

Yeah, it seems like I'm a bad news magnet right now. FML.

Yes! Step away from me... It's not catchy or anything, is it? :) Of course, I'm kidding. I have to put that in, I don't want you to take me seriously.

It will get better. It has to.

Nah, it's not contagious. I htink I'm taking on bad news for the both of us so you're GTG. Nothing coming your way.

I appreciate that. Feels like more than your share. Stop that!

I know right? I'm a bad news hog!

You don't have to be the best at everything! It wouldn't be a crime to say, "No thanks, give mine to him." Just for once

Lol...Yeah I should share the bad news around, give it away like Christmas presents. People would be so appreciative.

Yes. It is 2 am...

changes gears?!?!?! hahahahaha @bluefinstudios have you seen this thing!!!!! this is awesome!

Too bad you didn't take pics along the way @galenkp - heheh it would have been fun to see it in stages :)

I also love legos - my son as well. Bluefin sent me a really cool one last Christmas - I haven't put it together yet hehehehe but every time i see it, I"m like ohhhh I should do that sometime soon! hehehehe it's a 007 car LOL He was talking about it and I mentioned how nice it was! surprise surprise - I got it for Christmas hahaha

you definitely need to do a little video for us when you get that complete :)

and very sorry to hear about your bad news. I hope the intensity has passed and you've been able to enjoy your shooting competition today??? How did you do?? hehehe

Too bad you didn't take pics along the way @galenkp - heheh it would have been fun to see it in stages :)

I did. Posted them all.

hehehe alright then... i need to go peek at them hehehe

I think you somehow are a Brother from Another Mother?
I have a fairly decent Lego collection. Actually it's packed because of some space and moving issues, but normally an entire display of dozens of Star Wars Lego sets!

This is me, working on a fairly large LEGO Star Wars model.

0 Lego.jpg

you look sort of 3 parts blue there ... bombs away

Lego is very cool indeed. I have quite a few also, some really big ones too, the longest a metre long. (Mack Anthem). I'm fortunate enough to have a room for them to reside in although there will come a day when even that won't be big enough. I tend to buy it when it's on sale only so manage to limit myself...Sort of. 🤪