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That looks like a complicated Lego project!

Reminded me of the one and only Technic Lego object I played around with when I was young, must be the end of the 70s or early 80s, not sure anymore. A big skelter... hmm, maybe not big, but felt big because I was small back then :) Didn't have an engine by the Lego team, so I used an engine from m y train set to drive the skelter like remote control, though it was with a remote control attached with wires to the engine. I even connected some light that I could switch on/off as well. I think also some stuff I got from my train set, not sure anymore.

Being able to share with a little one. Why not befriend one or more of the little ones in your area and share your Lego enthusiasm with them, like if they were your children?


Lego Technic used to be a little less complicated but it's cool how you motorised it; That's the thing with Lego I guess, it inspires creativity and gets people thinking. Nice work. Do you build Lego these days?

Sometimes I wished I still had my Lego sets. But when my niece started to like Lego, I gave all mine to her. She has outgrown Lego, so maybe I shall request her to give all the Lego to me again. Maybe I will. The downside of that would be: Even less time for me to spend on HIVE while I'm planning for weeks to increase my HIVE time. Ah well, who knows what will happen. I'm taking it day by day, more or less :)

In the past, when playing with Lego, I used to combine this with Playmobile and sometimes even with Fisher Technic. I always loved the playmobile puppets, being larger in size than the Lego versions.

If she's not using it then it should boomerang back to you for sure!

I am going to dismantle some of my Technic sets and send to my niece @smallsteps, my brother @tarazkp's daughter and also my nephew. Both a little young for it just yet but that's the plan.

I hope you get some of that Lego back and you can build and also do some hive posts about it. Win-win situation I think.

Cool you plan to share some of your passion with your niece and nephew. Spreading the Vibes 🙃
Yeah, lets see what will happen on Lego front for me. You have a point with the win-win! 😜
NJOY the weekend 🎶

Gotta share the fun right?

Have a good weekend yourself sir. Thanks for commenting.