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RE: Sometimes there's milk and cookies

in LEGO2 years ago

Impressive! You are just a Lego champion, I have no proper words of admiration as your lego work is so cool! G., I am so sure you would have been a great dad and it is so unfortunate that such awesome genes can't be passed down. But maybe there is a little part of you in smallsteps and you might see her grow and be much alike in some areas. I notice at the daughter of my sister that she is very much like me, artistic, introvert, dreamy, she just lives on another Planet hahah.

I don't know what would I do of I couldn't have kids. Adoption is just something I can't see myself doing and I do want my own kids. In the same time I am also surprised how people with great, spectacular genes, can't make babies, while some people who neglect themselves can easily pop off 3 to 10 kids easy.... Such is life. Destiny I guess.


You are just a Lego champion

Nah, just an average, nothin' special sorta guy Mary. 😀

I think @smallsteps is going to be a cool little person and already has personality traits that Taraz and I used to have, and probably still do, just like your own niece I think.

Destiny...Yeah I guess to some degree. If kids (only wanted one) was a thing for me it would have happened I suppose. Instead I'll have to be the kid.

Sometimes being a kid is good even when we are adults. It is the kid who always has the most fun if we let him. In a sense, we never grow old inside