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RE: [EN/PT] How I started surfing on the Web3 / Como eu comecei a surfar na Web3

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I actually used the blockchain as a cannabis grow journal to keep my 31 flavors straight...

And ended up helping to start so many communities and helping so many individuals here on blockchain.

Thank you very much and sounds like an amazing journey for you!

And I definitely want to see more blockchain surfing content!


Yoo, 31 is a lot to organize bro! I did grow for some time back in 2018 and used a regular app, thinking of it now, blockchain is the perfect aplication for a grow diary! It's cool how we all ended up here. After you go down the rabbit hole and meets the technology, its over ahahaha take care man!

Yeah 31 flavors of delicious cannabis goodness is really awesome however it is a lot to organize and keep straight. Thankfully I just post up my information on the blockchain and then I could scroll back and see what I did last week.

Keep posting and I can't wait to see even more high quality cannabis content from you.

I'm not growing anymore since I moved back from Portugal, here in Brazil it's not such a friendly situation for cannabis growers.🤷‍♂ Anyway, this post shows my last crop, that was the best I could get and it was actually my second time growing ☘️ (after a small experiment I did growing inside my closet 😅)

Congratulations and absolutely growing in small spaces is really awesome.