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RE: Garden Herbs - Sage

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Gosh I am loving this series of yours, even if it takes a while to comment! Busy.

I love sage - I never really thought about it as useful until I started diving deep into it. For me, it's for sore throats - an ACV/sage tincture is always on hand. But also for colds.

And yes, as a regulator. Hitting menopause meant that I started taking sage all the time, but it had no effect on my night sweats. Perhaps I had to take it for longer. Really fascinating post, @ligayagardener. Have you studied herbalism formally?


For the menopause, its hard to find a herb that acts quickly. It's a natural, though uncomfortable process, so nothing is technically 'wrong' with you that needs curing.

I have studied some aspects of natural medicine but got bored with schooling and struck out on my own

Yeah I hear you!! Plus it's exoensive. I like to learn about plants more the old school way, reading, listening, experimenting, discovering..

I've a really short attention span as I get older😂