Solstice Solar Update 210622

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Solar Update 210622

I have been watching the sun for over a decade using these free tools. I believe we need many more eyes and minds looking at the data at this time in history, so please join the solar research Database.


AIA 304 - 17:53 UT June 21 2022

There is a very good chance we will get another flare off that Sunspot.


There have been 5 C-class events today.


Let's take a closer look a the largest and most recent.
20 gev_20220621_1601 Start 2022/06/21 16:01:00
Stop 16:48:00 Peak 16:21:00 C5.6 S25W88 ( 3031 )


The pictures are still coming in but here it is in multiple wavelengths.


I am expecting heightened KP on Earth over the next few days.


Whether this event reaches us or not, is yet to be assessed.

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