Solar update 250822

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Solar Update 250822

The first thing that jumped out at me today was the Solar Flare probability chart.


Solarsoft is giving us three of these pictures today, what do you see?


I plotted the latest solar flares, which are all c-class so easy to compare. Then I created a second chart for each active region and turned it into a scatter chart. Do you like it?


Both 3107 and 3110 have ejected C6+ flares but 3102,

has only spit a small C1.7 as it goes around the corner.


According to the data, there is a very good chance we could see larger flares from these spots.


We have such a breathtaking view of the sun.


You can see here the moment that the plasma was ejected here on Sept 23rd 2022.


There is a nice blue CME you can see at these timestamps.


If we get some larger flares you might see some auroras overhead.

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