October 28 2021 an Earth-Directed X-class Solar Flare erupts

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Imagery from iSWA by NASA, GOES chart from SolarSoft Event,

X1.0 class flare from AR 2887 at S26W4 peaking at 2021-10-28T15:35Z and associated significant eruption (with a EUV wave) seen in AIA 193/171/304.



You can see the EM disturbance in the images, as the surface of the sun explodes towards us.


Incoming X-class Solar Flare due to arrive Saturday night, this will be a direct hit, so we will very likely get bright auroras! No need to worry, an X1 is not an X99 we aren't going to be burnt to a crisp. (At least I hope not.) Get your cameras and take pictures if you can!

Updated WSA-ENLIL Solar Wind prediction


If this is UCT then best time to watch will be at 3am MST on Saturday morning.


Do you know which location on Earth will be impacted the most? Thanks for sharing.

Probably everywhere. Arrival prediction update suggests it hit north america around 10am. We should get some auroras this weekend!! Keep your eyes on the skies. !PIZZA

Thank you very much for the response and link!

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