Earthquake update 10/10/22

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Here are 2 maps that I wish were one. The first is from Earthquakes Canada which shows all the events from the past 30 days. These unfortunately are never shown on USGS, so imagine my surprise when I found this. I have been watching the seismic data for over a decade now.


Next is from USGS with the all earthquakes from the past 30 days in the united states selected.


The orientation of these maps does not make it easy to simply overlap them to combine, but you will notice that many of the earthquakes on the first map do not appear here. Some do, such as the Mag3.8 in British Columbia near Alaska. These quakes do concern me quite a bit, just hours after similar quakes near these ice fields- a massive fourth of july earthquke shook Ridgecrest- in 2019.


The west coast is the ring of fire, and some don't know this but there are ancient volcanos under those mountains. Mt. St Helens erupted in the 80s, but there are others sleeping also.

Wiki- "3,000 ft (0.9 km) high steam plume on May 19, 1982, two years after the major eruption"


Volcanos pose greater danger than most realize. As those living in Hawaii learned, suddenly LAVA

While I may not be worried about any volcanoes erupting today, I am still on heightened alert for more earthquakes along the west coast. A closer look reveals this Mag4.1 quake north of the border.


I continue to watch the Solar activity as well, there were 2 M-flares today and there could be more.


Keep your eyes on the skies! We could get more Auroras this week.

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Yeah I like these earthquake updates. I swear I felt the ground move the other day, could have been an aftershock. I do live on the island afterall