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Hi everybody!how are you friends? I hope you are healthy, before I want to say that every opportunity to make a post is very valuable, do you feel the same way?.On the occasion I want to post something that might be important for all of us, especially beginners, or newcomers to the hive platform, why do I say this because in general beginners That's very minimal experience, I conclude like this because when I started joining the hive world I made a lot of mistakes, that's why as I said earlier,minimal experience,I'm not saying here that I'm a senior, but the point here is to share experiences with each other, and hopefully this will be of use to all of us.Now we get to the point where the important things we discussed,
In the past few days I have seen posts from the team OCD About the noble goal that is the "give and take" scheme.
I think this is very good for everyone to do, because this can strengthen friendships between people.

OCD Team talk about evaluating Other people's posts that can be share on Twitter And the opportunity to get an assessment on the comments and posts that you share. they will choose the best every day. In that post,I read that The assessment doesn't have to be in the posts we write,

(Screenshot photo)

but we can share other people's posts on Twitter with hashtags that match the contents of the posts you share For example you share those other people's to Twitter using @postoken ,If the post describes the beautiful sea and mountains, then you create the hashtag #mountain #sea #beautiful and so on according to what you see and read in the post.

(Screenshot photo)

after that you copy the link that you share on Twitter And pasting it in the latest ocd comments column as shown
(Screenshot photo)

(Screenshot photo)

talking about "give and take" means that we comment on other people's posts properly and according to the contents of the post and share the post on Twitter, then on when @poshtoken displays what you share on the comment page of the person you share the, if your comment is good and the hashtag is appropriate then someone else or the ocd team will provide UPVOTE to your comment. I think other people even the owner of the post will UPVOTE your comment. that's what I call "give and take".

Posh proof of sharing

For clarity, you can click on the link below

You can see it here

I want everyone to know about this, that we can also get votes from comments and posts that we share on Twitter.

I think my short post about giving and receiving is enough here, I hope we can all understand in more detail what is related to hive blogs, for the sake of increasing knowledge and The popularity of all of us, learning is one of the keys to success,Most likely in the future I will post again about this,But I don't rule out the possibility for other posts, the point is I will try to give my best, hopefully it will be useful.

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Salam saya @yahli


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Thanks very much

Dear @yahli,
Your support for the current HiveSQL proposal (#138) is much appreciated but the proposal will expire soon!
May I ask you to review and support the new proposal so HiveSQL can stay free to use for the community?
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Thank you!

Ok, I will continue to support you, just let me know if there is a new proposal

Thank you for your support @yahli, really appreciate it! 👍
Without imposing and as we are in a renewal period for proposals, if you could take a look at the HiveBuzz Proposal Renewal as well 😁

sure, i will see it

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thanks very much

Thanks very much

You're welcome @yahli! Have a nice day 😊👍

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