Clitoria ternatea


Hi everyone ! How are you today..?
Hope all are healthy and successful

On this happy Monday, I want to share some pictures of flowers that are used as eye cleansers for children and the elderly.

The stem of this flower spreads over other plants and it grows on it but I see it doesn't cause death to the plants it climbs

The leaves are not too big and the color is not too green like its other siblings . If you look at the leaves, they are exactly the same as the leaves and stems and the flowers are the same but the color of the flowers is different, I usually get them in a rubber garden.

flowers that can be used as medicine have a distinctive purple or blue color, while the white color that I found here cannot be used as medicine. According to the beliefs of previous people in my village, this flower can make blurry eyes bright again, because according to what I read on Google this flower can repair nerve cells so those affected eye nerves can be treated with this flower .The method is quite easy, take ten of these flowers then put them in hot water and soak for about fifteen minutes

after being put into hot water wait until the water turns purple or blue

after a few minutes the water already looks colored, if it takes a long time to change it's better to stir it so the color comes out quickly . After it's colored enough, strain the water and throw away the flowers, just drink the water
Then drink and feel the change, even if it doesn't change, it means it hasn't worked and try again, but don't drink every day, it's better to drink only 2 times in 1 month.

If anyone has ever felt and enjoyed the taste of this flower, please comment, have there been any changes in you

Thank you very much for reading my greetings @yahli


wow, very beautiful and beautiful images of tela flowers that you share. It is true that tela flowers are very useful for human life.

Thank you very much for the positive comments my friend, I hope everyone knows this useful flower

Yay! 🤗
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Beautiful & excellent color flower

thanks a lot guys

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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