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Hello all hivers wherever you are, are you all healthy, I hope everything is fine

On this occasion I will post some pictures of the activities that I did today, activities that stimulate our adrenaline because of the place or position that I do on the slopes of the mountain pretty high,A rocky mountain and a lot of dead wood in it . I do this activity to clear small trees that turn my garden into a forest, so my friends and I clear the grass and wood on my land.

Here I will show a picture before I clean up the trees that are interfering with planting my oil palm seeds

That's a picture of the appearance of small trees that cover my garden so that it looks like a forest .
Because of its mountainous and rocky position, we had a bit of difficulty clearing these trees to the point that I almost fell into a ravine due to slipping. Inside the trees there was dead wood been cut down before .

And below are some pictures of the results that we have cleaned

it looks clean and no longer like a forest and here I will plant oil palm and some young plants like chilies and tomatoes .

This is how we look when we clean the garden and the tools are only machetes

Before I end this post I will show you a picture of a mushroom that I found in the garden

Actually there are many different mushrooms that I have seen in my garden but I haven't had time to take pictures because of the tiredness I feel when clearing these trees on the slopes rocky mountain .

Until here, our first meeting, thank you very much for reading my post

Best regards @yahli


Hopefully it will clear up soon and certainly make its condition even more interesting to look at.

I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you very much for visiting

You have a large area of ​​land

This just reminded me of how I used to clear the forest when I was living with family at Villa.
This part of work is so strength demanding and skills are required too if not, cutting the flesh with Cutlass is unavoidable.

I really admire your hard work for the sake of the family and it's true that in this work you need good skills so that our bodies don't get cut

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thanks very much

You're welcome @yahli! Have a nice day 😊👍

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thanks a lot guys