Two beautiful insects on the weekend



hello everyone good morning greetings to all of us wherever we are may we always be given health, enjoy the weekend

As for this opportunity, I will again try to share two small insects that I found some time ago in the garden behind my house, where at that time I was watching the development of my palm tree but don't forget to always bring a macro lens

The garden behind my house there are some piles of weeds that are very bushy and of course the insects really like this place, like the first insect I found, this insect is an insect that is a little difficult to get some photos, because they are very aware of movement, a little i approached him immediately flew away, because there are many of the same insects there even though there are some that fly far away but i can still find the others

it has orange wing feathers, and the tips of its wings are black, its head is smooth bald without feathers, and is patterned with stripes on its face, of course it also has two smooth horns, another name for this insect is Bothrogonia

Bothrogonia is a genus of leafhoppers with a large number of species distributed across the Old World...Wikipedia










Then when passing in the other direction I saw a small grasshopper there sitting on a part of a wild leaf, but because it has moved several times I can't take too many angles from this grasshopper, but this is very beautiful, yellow head, platinum wings and green body,this insect we usually call it tree cricket

IMG_20220911_094047 (1)-02.jpeg

IMG_20220911_094040 (1)-01.jpeg

IMG_20220911_094051_1 (1)-01.jpeg

IMG_20220911_094043_1 (1)-01.jpeg

that's all I can share today, I'm sorry if there are some mistakes in my writing, have a good weekend

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

Beberapa serangga yang telah kamu protred memiliki kualitas yang hebat.

thank's brothers

Very good insect photos, it's interesting for me to see the macros that are very perfect

thank's brothers, I'm glad you like it

Your photography skills is very amazing. You click this picture Very BEAUTIFUL and amazing and also deatiles are more captured in photos.

Thank you very much for your good feedback. I am very happy

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Types of leafhoppers and grasshoppers can sometimes be scary pests for some types of cultivated plants. But we also cannot avoid their presence.

yes that's right, everyone has the right to enjoy life even though they are just pests in the morning they are farmers

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