Three types of mushrooms grow in the wild



Good afternoon to all members of the Asean hive community, which I am always proud of. On this occasion, today I will again try to share some photos of several types of mushrooms that I have found some time ago, since it is raining in my area now where conditions are like this made some weathered tree trunks get wet so that there were lots of mushrooms that were so fertile growing there, I found three mushrooms of different types and shapes, some were yellow, brown and red which had some fine hairs on the front of the mushrooms.

For the first one I have prepared one yellow mushroom which is growing so well there, and they still look so fresh, as usual I have prepared some photos that I took with different sides, here are some of the mushrooms










Then the second mushroom that I found was a brown mushroom that grew so much in my area and they grew one by one




the second mushroom that I saw grew a lot of this mushroom around me even though it wasn't the rainy season but the shape wasn't very fertile, then i saw a red hairy mushroom growing on a rotten tree trunk and only one grew, i tried to take a photo with my phone's macro lens to see some bokeh backgrounds



Those are some photos of mushrooms that I can share in this edition, hopefully you can enjoy some of these mushrooms, hopefully tomorrow I can get some other beautiful mushrooms that grow wild in the wild there

Camera | Poco x3 Pro |
Location | Aceh, Indonesia|
Category| Macro photography |
Editing| Lightroom|
Objeck | mushrooms |
Photographer| @vikar |


very good mushrooms, very beautiful mushrooms, friends and health are interested in seeing them

thank you very much, I hope you are always healthy too so you can get some beautiful mushrooms too

Wow! Amazing shots.

thanks brothers

WoW! They look so crazy! Especially the red one! Do you know their names? Are they edible?

the last mushroom I know what kind it is, but I can't find any other mushrooms. I think this mushroom is also inedible because it grows so wildly

For me they all look inedible but I don't any specie of tropical mushrooms...

This is extremely beautiful mushrooms photography.
I always love your photos.

thank you very much my friend, I'm just trying to take some of the best mushroom photos I have

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More great pictures of mushrooms 😍 From this one, my favourite is the last one - red with spikes. I’ve never seen these in Europe 💙

thank you, luckily I got some mushrooms for this edition, I hope you can see the last red mushroom, because in my area there are so many mushrooms like that

I don’t think they grow here sadly. Maybe when I travel I will see some 😁

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thank you very much, the mushroom is really very beautiful to look at