Enjoying My Favorite Meatball Noodles



Good Afternoon to all, how are you today? hopefully always under the protection of the almighty. As for this opportunity, I will again try to share some photos of one of my favorite foods that I ate this afternoon when I came home from work

because I haven't been here for a long time, I really want to enjoy meatball noodles this afternoon, it also happened that today I could go home quickly and go there directly, because at that time the place was also quiet and I was also a regular there I asked permission from the owner to take some photos of several menus that are served into the meatball noodles

the first photo I took is fried chicken and tofu, fried chicken is usually sliced ​​into small pieces which are then mixed into the broth from the meatball noodles,


then I took a photo of the yellow small noodles that are commonly used in my area


other additional menus are fried onions, finely chopped soup leaves and green chilies that have been blended


I also asked permission from the owner to open a place for heating the broth from the meatball noodles, there are meatballs and fat from beef which is the fat that I like the most


after taking the photo, I immediately ordered a bowl of the meatball noodles and of course because I was already a subscriber I was always given a special menu and there were lots of them



as usual, it won't be complete if you enjoy meatball noodles if you don't mix in some additional menus, such as sauce, sweet soy sauce, vinegar water, and chilies which have been pureed earlier so that the broth turns red and tastes very good


didn't wait long, I immediately finished the food and went back to my workplace and of course I'm always satisfied when I eat here because the price is also very cheap, $ 1 dollar, we already get syrupy water and 1 portion of meatball noodles, this is what I can write about on this occasion, look forward to my posting tomorrow, I hope you have a great day.


Wow this is the very amazing dish. This look like very delicious. Enjoy it my dear friend

👀 The last pictures of your noodles soup. Is it originally red color or you add lots of chilli paste inside it? !PGM

I mix a lot of sambal in it because I myself enjoy meatball noodles with a spicy taste

No wonder it's looks so red. lol

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Nomnom foodiesss😍.. now im hungry 😪

let's eat together 😀😀


I also like to enjoy the meatballs which are very tasty.

you are right, this is really good, san I really like this menu

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really it looks so good