Beautiful Wild Flowers And Insects



Good evening all friends, best wishes to all of us, may we always be given health and success, may all wishes be achieved,

As for this opportunity I will again try to share some photos that I got today when I was walking leisurely in my morning while exercising on a road close to where I live

as I said on my way home there are some wild plants there that have very many flowers and are very beautiful when we see them, these flowers grow very perfectly on these wild plants, as usual after I got closer I immediately used the macro lens to be able to take pictures. some photos of the little flower

for the type and name of this wildflower I didn't find it, I've tried to search on google lens by attaching some photos, if any friends know I will gladly accept it, here are some photos that I have chosen the best I got








Then when I took some photos from close range I saw that there were insects that were upset on the withered flowers on the tree



I also found this insect that was making love to a flower that had not yet bloomed I tried to disturb those who were in love but it turned out that I was ignored lol



that's some photos of wild flowers and insects that I can share on this occasion, I apologize if there are some mistakes in writing my post today, because I use google lens to write each of my posts

all the photos above are photos that I took myself using my cellphone camera and I edited it using several applications on my cellphone

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography
Objeckanimal & flowers

It's amazing the insects you share On this occasion and of course I really like it and also the child has given the best almost every day. Thank you

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That’s a beautiful wild living flower and insects. All your photography tell how all of them live and it is cool to explore it

Thank you very much, I'm very happy to hear you like some of the photos I share, this will make my spirit increase to always look for some other objects

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