I Love The Hand and Palm Massager that We Recently Bought | Here's my Short Review


We bought a hand massager online and here's a quick review.

As I have shared in my previous blogs, I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and had multiple therapies done last year.

I got those therapies for free, thanks to our company's HMO provider, but after that, I need to wait for another year to avail the said services. If you will spend cash, you will need to shoulder at least 600 PHP per session plus other tests such as electronic stuff, which is around 5,000 PHP or more, which will be a strain on the budget.

When I feel the numbness in my hands, I ask April to massage them but with the prolonged pressure given the force exerted isn't that solid anymore. We also consider that she might have carpal tunnel syndrome as well. In an article by City physiotherapy

Carpal tunnel post pregnancy is a common condition affecting new mothers. Carpal tunnel post pregnancy occurs due to an increased pressure on your median nerve at your wrist.

As much as I love to get some free massage, not that workable. So we talked about getting a hand massager instead! Going to the spa can be a good option too, but location-wise from home and with budget restrictions, that are not a good idea.

All thanks to the downloaded applications secretly spying on us when we are having a small discussion a hand massager advertisement popped out from nowhere and that is how we got hooked into buying one.


Using April's Lazada account, we purchased the Hand Massager. There are two variants available in the shop, one is red and the other's white. We just bought what is more expensive as I am not sure what the difference is aside from the color. The image information is written in Chinese or Mandarin ( whichever it is ) and there's no English translation.

Delivery Period and Packaging

Products that are coming from China take some time before they arrive here in the country the least should be a week or two. However, upon completing the order, the next day we saw the status that it already went out from their warehouse and most likely will be in the country the day after. So far, around five days we waited for the item to arrive at our home. It was swift!

Packaging-wise, it is wrapped in bubble wrap and then boxed was tightly sealed as well. No falling debris on the product was found or any missing pieces when arrived. I have seen videos circumventing online how freight carriers toss and throw their parcels thus this is also one of the reasons why I am not that confident in buying online, especially products that I think are fragile and can be destroyed anytime.

Yes there's no fragile sticker in the package.


Not bad at all, for the cost of 2,500 PHP around $50.00 plus shipping cost I can say that it is worth it. There is some sellers who sell at a low cost, but they do not have any ratings or feedback received yet. Since the return procedure and other dispute is a tough battle with chances of losing we picked the seller that have more sales which have a higher price.


Overall Experience

There are four buttons that can be used. The power button, and the heat button, vibrate, and the air pressure. I will focus on the three buttons and exclude the power.


Heat Button

It only has two options: either you turn it on or off. Comparing the two, I LOVE using the device with the heat turned on. The temperature isn't that hot that can burn your palm, but the warmth is perfect if you are experiencing coldness with your hands. Feels like you are holding a warm cup of coffee on a chilly night. That's how I can describe it. It is relaxing indeed.

Vibration Button

For me it is useless - yeah the device is vibrating strongly but I cannot feel anything in my palm, I tried to combine this function with other buttons but the same result it is useless.

Air pressure Button

This is RAD! It has three levels and for beginners, they advise to just use level one, and then if a need just hit the button again to increase the pressure. Level 1 is okay but I always pick level three each time that I use the device as it gives more pressure on my palm and fingertips. The clutch was okay too and each time that I use it together with the heat button on it gives me 100% relaxation.

Battery Life

This can be used for up to three hours when charged in full. It will exceed as we are not using the vibrate function at all. Charging time is also around three to four hours. I think that the charging time vs the usage time is almost the same as it provides heat, but since I don't do the math that much, let's see how our electricity bill soars.

Is it worth it?

For us it is! We are using it daily. I use it during my lunch break at work to give my hands relaxation from multiple hours of typing. Sometimes if I use it while lying in our bed, I am catching myself taking a quick nap. We thought of purchasing another one because of how we are satisfied with the product, but then again, it is quite costly. We might get some other stuff like a back massager etc because as you know if you are getting old back pain and other physical damages happen.


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The bright side of technology advancement! Imagine if we are still living decades ago? For sure hahanap at magigubg suki ka Ng hilot TP 🤣.

I was wondering, why did you have that problem? I mean you are still young. Was it because of the nature of your work?

ito na nga! Been a fan of massage back then and kahit walang nagtatanong may lisensya ako na NCII sa massage theraphy.

Every week ako nasa pahilut-an lalo na yung mga bulag sa malls love them!

Di na ngayon hahaha gastos!

Due to nature of work ang sa akin at ang panget na posture din pag working. Pero ayun use and abused na kamay talaga extended hours ako lagi sa computer eh.

Kaya importante mag stretching ng kamay bago at every two hours of computering!

Oh, napaka interesting gadget naman nito. Need ko rin ng massage machine para sa likod. ang sakit na eh. hehe

Hahaha tito/tita feels! Nako napakadaming liniment na pag ganitong age.

Haha sayang wala akong dalang efficascent dito at omega pain killer.

Ohhh, I think I'm gonna need this na. Sa ngalay baga naman ng kamay ko kaka selpon ee. Pasmado na din kamay ko ee haha. Pero ang pricey naman. Then de battery pa, hmmm.

PUSH!!! Okay sya na find. Di ko lang sure dun sa 1.9k kung oks sya. Pag-ipunan nalang mga 20 pesos a day mga ganun. Hahaha sana talaga di lumobo bill namin 🤣

Balitaan mo kami sa bill nyo ha haha

May ihihirit nanko kay tatay sa mothers' day! Hahaha

All thanks to the downloaded applications secretly spying on us when we are having a small discussion a hand massager advertisement popped out from nowhere

Ang creepy neto noh? Haha. Nagugulat na lang ako sa mga lumalabas na ads sa feed ko eh. Haha. So far puro libro lang naman ang lumalabas.

May shopee store ba sila? Yoko kasi umorder sa lazada, yung rider bigla na lang tumawag sa kin kahit wala ako order, mangungutang lang pala. Kahit tatlong beses pa lang akong nakaka order sa lazada that time. Hahahah

Ayyy! Shocks oo nga anu lapit na ang maders day! Kailangan mag-isip ng paandar ulit haha.

Ang creepy neto noh? Haha. Nagugulat na lang ako sa mga lumalabas na ads sa feed ko eh. Haha. So far puro libro lang naman ang lumalabas.

Atleast safe parin! Walang obscene eme na mag sho show haha.

Re shopee mars di ako sure kasi naman di na ako nagamit ng shopee pero malamang meron yan!

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wow parang bet ko magkaroon ng ganyan lalo na eh nangangalay yung hands ko kakatype sa keyboard ng computer everyday

Ang ganda naman neto. I hope I can buy one lalo na at laging masakit ang likod ko. God bless ! 😊 I hope you can enjoy it and help you to feel better.

Meron din pala ganyan?.grabe na talaga Ang technology ngayon noh lahat Ng mga probs may ginagawa talagang solution. Hopefully it can really help in the long run.

Ou ate Jen meron okay naman sya basta laging fully charged.

Ang need ko is Yung sa papa hehehe gustong gusto ko minamassage para ko eh hehehe