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RE: 👨‍💻 Do You Live In A Country Not Supported By Chat GPT? 🚫 Try The Equally Fascinating ChatSonic 🤖

Those three results are pretty impressive! I could literally see Seinfeld on stage, and Beyonce in a flashy video bouncing to her Tempeh song. But my favorite one was the fart poem, recited by an old fart with sideburns and a tweed jacket in a stuffy little bookshop. Okay, I have to admit, producing actual laughs or winning an Emmy is another matter entirely. But way to go ChatSonic!


Although not exactly laugh out loud funny, it's obvious the AI nailed the style of Seinfeld, especially starting off with "What's the deal with.........," that was spot-on. Even Beyonce's singing style seems similar although I'm not exactly a fan of her work. The fart poem was by far the best, I could've spent weeks and never produced a masterpiece like that.