Who Do I Follow In ASEAN Hive & Why?

I haven't been actively posting content these past few months. The market has started to pick up, and then my workload also has increased exponentially. Now it is either I post content, or I comment on other people's content.

For obvious reasons, I can't do both at the same time. As for today, I tried to read through others' content as much as I can. I also tried to leave a comment or at least give them support by liking the content.

While browsing the contents inside ASEAN HIVE COMMUNITY, I saw the "Who Do You Follow In ASEAN Hive & Why?" I do follow a lot of amazing individuals within this community. One of them is of course the founder of the community; Mr @justinparke.

However, for this post, I would mention only two of the amazing individual that I follow. For those that I did not mention, I sincerely apologize. You guys/girls are amazing too 😁😁

There first person that I follow would be @davidke20.

He is the one responsible for introducing me to the whole incentivized blockchain social media platform. Starting from the first blockchain platform, until the latest one which is HIVE.

I have known him since my college days when I work as a part-timer at an IT company that specialized in selling refurbished laptops. It was in the year 2004. He did teach me a lot about laptop maintenance and repair.

The below picture was taken in 2018 and is the day when he first introduced me and my friend to incentivized blockchain social media platforms. Since that day, I change my platform of blogging from WordPress to Steem Hive

I enjoy reading his content. His writing is diversified with his workout, lunch visit to KFC, diet routine, jokes, and sometimes sarcasm about Malaysia's government 😜😜




The next person that I followed would be our brother from Miri, Sarawak, @luueetang

I haven't met him personally face-to-face. But the interaction that he made in this community makes you feel like you have known him for some years. He can be considered the friendliest community member that you can find.

While making this content, now I realized, I haven't seen his face in his post. Not even once. Thus, I need to dome some investigative and searching to find a picture of him.

Make sure to follow him to see his drone-related content. Oh yeah, I just recently know that he is also a tutor. This is a man with many talents 👍👍

Did I mention he has a pet tortoise?




Both are active and I also have fun reading there stories. Which introduce me to neighborhood country. Great job choosing.

Oh wow. That 2018 shot, I still got so much hair 🤣

Yay! 🤗
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You are following 2 good people. It is good to know that you try to be active in this community and that you at least give comments when you are unable to post.

Great choices there. 2 very interesting people with a variety of subjects covered.

Hi hi.. bro.. hahahaha.. In my who to follow post.. I wanted to write about you.. but will do that next time.. Your a great person to know. Thanks for writing about me. Hehe.. I think David has to change his profile pic since he's so thin now. Good luck for your job interview.. =) I also feel like I've known u for a long time.. =)

That's 2018. A lot had happened since 2020 🤣

I know you look still the same de.. hehhee.. 😀😀😀

@davidke20 is indeed idol , if i not mistaken i start to follow him after reading information about bitcoin in his previous post. I hope i can meet you guyz in real life in future . :). Thumb up !

That was some years ago. Can't remember what was it, but it was a rant about people complaining about steem price at it's all time low. Thanks for the nice comment. Looking forward to meet you in person as well.

Yeah .. someday . hehe

Just a reminder bro...jgn lupa letak link to your post kat contest post Justin. Takut kena disqualified. Hope you have a safe trip balik kampung and blessed Raya celebration with your family :)

Wow! You found a picture of the elusive @luueetang, I am impressed.These are both ASEAN Hivers I have followed for a long time, and really cool to see these vintage Dave photos. Perhaps @luueetang's nickname could the ASEAN Hive Tortoise King.

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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