My Mi daily care

Hi hi sawadee khrup friend from asean Hive community. How are you today? Hope you have a great day ahead. Today I wanted to share with you my xiaomi collection to do some of my daily needs. Well can be says im lazy 🤣. As we all know xiaomi is a company that grows magnificent for the past years. And do you know that under xiaomi there're a lot eco- system or ecological chain which making other things besides technology? Like example mijia, deerma, Jimmy, youpin and so on. So join me today and I'll show some of mine.



mijia vacuum 1C
Been using for almost 1 year by now. Can be setting vacuum suction, mop cleaning and timer through application and Wi-Fi connection. Only mop, brush and filter needed to be replaced after certain period of time. And those can be bought separately at the affordable price.
Cons - not intelligent enough to detect cables 😅 and get stuck on small pieces of cloths.

xiaomi Kc301 mites vacuum cleaner
Wired. Been using for my bed and even sofa and car seats. Suction is strong but needed to rest a while due to overheating protection. More in detail review can be found at my post.

xiaomi TDS measuring pen
TDS - total dissolved solids for measuring the total substance in water for safe consuming. A list of reading can be refer for safe consuming.

My try on my house water

deerma rechargeable lint remover
This one I must say, battery is superb 👍🏻 almost 1 year been using for coat, dress and so on. No even charge it since day 1 purchase.

xiaomi handheld garment steamer quickly

description and information label

light weight is a must

Portable and light weight. Fast start up for steaming on garment. After steaming on no left any water vapor on clothing. And is wired for stable current.

testing with it

Well that's my Mi daily review. Wishing you all have a wonderful weekday ahead. As always, stay safe and healthy ❤️


The new phone I got is Xiaomi. 😃 So far, it is good quality. I enjoy using it now. 🥰

So far so good right ☺️ my mum also using xiaomi as well.

Yes so true! Hope your mom enjoy using her phone as I do. 😊

out of all gadget, I like the handheld garment steamer 👍

I think it will be really useful during traveling

Bro light weight, but with wired. Instantly can steam no need to wait. Some more during you steam the hot air vapor doesn't wet your garment as well. Recommended bro

Yay! 🤗
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This brought back some childhood memories, because my mom used to steam her blouses, and I used to love watching the machine and the steam. She also had a battery powered lint eater, but of course this was the 1980s, so not high-tech like now.

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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