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I've been wanting to experiment with Chat GPT for a long time, but from Cambodia it's quite difficult, so luckily I found ChatSonic.

🙋‍♂️ Finally I Get To Experiment With An AI ChatBot 🤖


     I stumbled upon ChatSonic after a google search for free ChatGPT alternatives. I have already experimented with this in the past, but I never found any decent free chatbots that had a truly powerful and impressive AI behind it. For those of in places like Cambodia, registering for ChatGPT is nearly impossible even with a VPN because a foreign phone number is needed, and a VOIP won't work.

     I was surprised how much easier it was to register for ChatSonic, and within a few minutes on the site I was already ready to start typing prompts. I've listened to a few podcasts about ChatGPT and therefore I already have an idea of its capabilities and also some good prompts to experiment with. I am always in search of a cheap laugh, so I used only silly goose prompts and nothing serious.

🤔💭 Prompt #1

     After logging I realized the free trail period is restricted to a total word limit, so I decided to experiment a little and leave some credit for another day. One of the comedy podcasts I listen to frequently used ChatGPT to write jokes in his style and then he did his best to perform them naturally on the first read, and although they weren't truly funny bits, everything made sense and the AI's ability was impressive. With this in mind, I kept it simple and tried a standup bit prompt of my own featuring Seinfeld.


(Prompt) "Write a short standup bit in the style of Seinfeld about pizza and public transportation.


What's the deal with pizza and public transportation in New York City? I mean, you get on the subway with a piping hot slice and suddenly you're playing a game of hot potato with your food. And don't even get me started on trying to eat a pizza while standing on a crowded bus. It's like a scene out of a sitcom, with cheese and toppings flying everywhere. But hey, that's the price you pay for living in the greatest city in the world, where even the pizza has an attitude.

😆💭 Prompt #2

     For my second prompt experiment I went to my happy place, farts, a subject matter that's almost a guaranteed laugh every time. I like to add text like "...in the style of ______" to get more interesting results and also to see just how much data is crawled to produce these results. An Old English poem about farts would take me a long time to right, but luckily ChatSonic was up to the challenge.


(Prompt) "Write a poem about farts in Old English style."


From deep within my belly's hold,
A wind doth rise, so brave and bold,
It shakes my soul, it rattles bones,
And echoes forth with mournful tones.

The scent that follows in its wake,
A fragrance bold, a smell so great,
It permeates the very air,
And makes the bravest knights despair.

Oh, wretched wind, so foul and strong,
A noise that echoes all day long,
And yet, we laugh and make it known,
For farts, my friends, are ours alone.

So let them fly, with pride and glee,
For farts are natural, you see,
And though they may offend the nose,
They're part of life, so let them go!

👨‍🎤💭 Prompt #3

     At this point I was feeling quite entertained and wanted to see how much I could push the limits of this site. I already knew from one of the podcasts I'd listened to that ChatGPT is capable of producing song lyrics. With this in mind I decided to use international pop star and possible illuminati member Beyonce for this prompt. And for the subject matter I went with tempeh, one of my favorite foods, SE Asian appropriate, and something I thought would be quite a challenge, and wow was I wrong.


(Prompt) "Write a song about tempeh in the style of Beyonce."

(Verse 1)
I used to think that meat was the only way to go
But then I found a new love, and man it stole the show
It's tempeh, oh yeah, it's got that texture
And when I cook it up right, it's better than the best sirloin lecture

Tempeh, tempeh, it's the way to go
Protein-packed and heart-healthy, and it's never slow
Tempeh, tempeh, I'm in love with you
You're my new obsession, and I'm never blue

(Verse 2)
I used to be afraid of tofu, and seitan too
But then tempeh came into my life, and now I'm feeling brand new
It's got that nutty flavor, and it's always versatile
And when I eat it up right, it makes me want to smile

Tempeh, tempeh, it's the way to go
Protein-packed and heart-healthy, and it's never slow
Tempeh, tempeh, I'm in love with you
You're my new obsession, and I'm never blue

Now I'm cooking up tempeh stir-fry, and tempeh burgers too
And when I'm feeling fancy, tempeh bacon will do
I used to think that meat was the only way to go
But now tempeh's got my heart, and man it stole the show

Tempeh, tempeh, it's the way to go
Protein-packed and heart-healthy, and it's never slow
Tempeh, tempeh, I'm in love with you
You're my new obsession, and I'm never blue

Final Thoughts 🤔

     I am so glad I was finally able to access a quality AI chatbot. It's more amusing than anything I could watch on a screen, and perhaps one day I'll have actual useful prompts that could help me in some way. For now I am simply in awe of ChatSonic's capabilities, and I have no other ideas than silly goose prompts. If you have time and want to explore this site, I highly recommend it, and if you have any particularly good responses, I'd love to see it in the comments below.


Monkey B

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The comedian will have a hard time performing that first piece. I can't get snapping point anywhere within that piece.

The fart poem does paint a picture of me having a growling stomach sitting in a close door sales meeting.

It's tough to tell if that's Beyonce song. Typically, song writing style has nothing to do with the singer who performed it. I tried to fit Halo and If I were a boy, some of the line does fit in, but I guess any random music can be fitted in with enough effort to stuff those words together

You're right, the punch line never hits, but yet it does feel like Seinfeld's general style of comedy. The fart poem is gold and by far the best result. I should've challenged the AI with a more obscure singer, but I figured a pop singer would be easiest for the algorithm, and Beyonce was the only one I could think of even though I can't name any of her songs.

Those three results are pretty impressive! I could literally see Seinfeld on stage, and Beyonce in a flashy video bouncing to her Tempeh song. But my favorite one was the fart poem, recited by an old fart with sideburns and a tweed jacket in a stuffy little bookshop. Okay, I have to admit, producing actual laughs or winning an Emmy is another matter entirely. But way to go ChatSonic!

Although not exactly laugh out loud funny, it's obvious the AI nailed the style of Seinfeld, especially starting off with "What's the deal with.........," that was spot-on. Even Beyonce's singing style seems similar although I'm not exactly a fan of her work. The fart poem was by far the best, I could've spent weeks and never produced a masterpiece like that.

Yay! 🤗
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