Pain is certain, but what is beautiful is still a flower


Greetings to all of us.
I hope you are still under the protection of the creator.. ❤️

Since last night I have experienced something that makes my body helpless, because I have a fever. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable in doing activities, but I have to keep working because it is the duty of the head of the family.

Hopefully this fever will continue to pass, so that I can work as before. I feel like I've forced my body to work every day, resulting in a decrease in the immune system, plus the unfavorable weather for the last few weeks.

But for now, I've bought fever medicine. Since I have to work every day, I currently work in one of the building shops owned by someone I know. But in general I am a farmer in the fields, because for now I can't plow the land in the fields, because there is still a lot of water in the fields, so I have to wait.

Around 5 pm, I left the house feeling dizzy, because I was tired of lying at home, so I looked for some wildflowers that were around the house. I was outside for about 30 minutes, then I went straight back into the house because I couldn't stand the dizziness. But I can get some shots.

This is one of the bolivia coriander seeds, which just bloomed on the tree trunk. From a distance this flower looks ordinary but up close it looks very charming.

This wedelia flower is very easy to get because when we want to see it then she is always there for us, even every time she blooms as the water that flows incessantly. 😁

And this one may have been seen very often by the name flower Lantana, every time we meet the flower there must be a rocky seed, I'm fascinated by the seeds.

Of course, when you are in the bushes there must be good animals, one of whom was most impressed by this one discovery "Hierodula tenuidentata" and black grasshopper.

Those are some of my discoveries in the afternoon, hopefully with this they can be entertained. Don't forget to pray for me that I will recover quickly from this fever

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want really awesome pictures that you share On this occasion and of course I like it and it's one of the very nice things and very nice to see

Oooo thanks friends, actually every picture has its own story

It's true what you say, what looks beautiful is a flower, hahahaha... Good health always my friend...

Of course mate. Thank you my friend always in good condition

wow the flowers on your first shot are so beautiful, i have to commend you for taking photos all the photos you share are so special, you are quite proficient in this field

Thanks for the compliment my friend

You always show really cool photography my friend.

thanks friend

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very very beautiful
I hope your day is as beautiful as that flower, my friend 👍

Yeee, seems like it should be

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