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Hello friends, wherever you are, meet me again, a tireless farmer. How are you all, are you well, I hope so...

After waiting a long time to recover from being hit by a tractor engine, so today I returned to visit the rice fields. Today I really want to finish the field plow that my colleague did not finish.


Before that my leg had not fully healed so I had to bandage it first with a cloth, so there would be no dirt on the wound, after that I checked the engine first and refueled in the form of diesel oil. Seeing the tractor engine was a little traumatizing because he had injured my leg so I had a bad idea about this thing, but what can I do, I don't have any help, so I have to solve it myself, because my father-in-law can't help me. He is busy with his pet.

After working on a field plow one plot, my shoulders all felt sore until the handlebars of the machine were not strong enough for me to hold, sweat was soaking my body and I could barely breathe anymore, that's how tired I was every time I worked on plowing the fields.

But this is the only thing that can boost my economy, fatigue is not an obstacle for people who want to search and keep looking. Maybe fate has decided for me this way. I'm tired, maybe other people are more tired, the point is that we should always be grateful.

This is the current condition of the rice fields after being plowed by my colleague, so I can't invite colleagues anymore because I don't have money for the daily wage, so I have to do it myself even though my feet still hurt. Patience and patience is on my mind right now in order to survive in this world full of drama 😁😁

Thanks to all of you. I love all


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working hard hard will bear sweet fruit, success continues my friend ... good luck.

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