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RE: 👨‍💻 Do You Live In A Country Not Supported By Chat GPT? 🚫 Try The Equally Fascinating ChatSonic 🤖


The comedian will have a hard time performing that first piece. I can't get snapping point anywhere within that piece.

The fart poem does paint a picture of me having a growling stomach sitting in a close door sales meeting.

It's tough to tell if that's Beyonce song. Typically, song writing style has nothing to do with the singer who performed it. I tried to fit Halo and If I were a boy, some of the line does fit in, but I guess any random music can be fitted in with enough effort to stuff those words together


You're right, the punch line never hits, but yet it does feel like Seinfeld's general style of comedy. The fart poem is gold and by far the best result. I should've challenged the AI with a more obscure singer, but I figured a pop singer would be easiest for the algorithm, and Beyonce was the only one I could think of even though I can't name any of her songs.