[STEM] Solar Power Car (I hope you read first before watching the video clip)


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I recon I've been ranting a lot about life, and totally missed the point of living it. Since the gifts under the Christmas tree has been distributed, I had an opportunity to help the boy to put together his new project, a solar powered car.


I have always been wondering if solar power works, why do people still go for battery powered car? Don't have to go too far, look at Tesla. Why not solar power? We're going to find out from this project to know exactly why. Don't ask me now, I already have the answer, but let's get to the project. First, open package, it is very important to make sure all the parts is available, all the tools and partlist is supposed to be in the installation manual.


Once opened package.... well he boy totally gutted the user manual and start pulling parts from the holder. I was the one who is busy making sure all the parts are available. I don't want to spent half a day putting together a toy car that missing 1 part and the whole damn project go scrub.


I did thought of documenting every single part of it and make this a giant post, but then when I think of how often do I post in STEM community? Decided, nah! I'd just be the regular ASEAN guy whose trying to have fun all the time. We all need a little bit of science to live in this world, so let this be part of ASEAN stem experiment.


Project going so well, as it took us like less than an hour(probably more than an hour, but it feels like less than that), and all the parts are being put together(but ofcourse there are some extra screws... which we later found out it's supposed to be used to strap the cabin fixture to the chassis. Once again, it's very important to read the manual and follow instruction 🤣


Finally, we turned the power button.... there's absolutely nothing happen. Wait, did we messed up with the wiring? Did we miss the polar? Spend a little longer to check on the wiring and also the power chord that connect the solar panel, everything seems to be in place... except there's a battery compartment. Wait, I thought this is supposed to be a solar powered car? In the name of STEM experiment, we still dump the batteries in and it worked!

Ok now I we just made a point. For power to weight ratio, there's no way a small solar panel can generate enough ampere to power the motor. Besides, it's not like we can drive a solar powered car at night. And let's not forget, the battery itself is a dead weight when it's running out of current. I'm sure Elon Musk already have a equation of how much power to weight ratio can give the amount of distance per charge. And let's not forget the possibilities of having the entire car outer layer skin to be coated as solar power generator material. I hope you haven't watch the video before reading this.

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That's a very awesome Christmas gift for your boy, and it looked like he hardly needed any directions to get it put together!

That is really funny how it stops working if the direct sunlight is blocked 😄

Great to see you buddy! Thanks for the wishes. Chirstmas went by very quietly this year. More family and friends were gone, it's like unreal, but let's hope for a better year in coming few days.

The point is, we need a capacitor(battery in this case) to store the electric. And there's no capacitor is light weight enough to carry itself against the charging time from given voltage generated by via our solar panel. Put it this way, we can have a solar powered car, with a solar charger and a lithium ion battery. The car can function normally during day time, at the same time it charges it's battery. After sun goes down, the car can only drive with the power directly from the battery, but it can only last 5 miles because of the dead weight of the solar panel and the battery itself. LOL

I see one thing is the car is quite slow right

Yes because it's heavy. The motor is not exactly powerful, so it uses a differential to generate more torque to move the toy car.

Hi @davidke20 ,I did what you say, first I read and then I saw the video, it makes me laugh that it did not move, the batteries have to be put in :) for an hour and a bit more, you have to read the instructions and organize the car parts, well the video I liked it, the tour was short, but you and your son did it, it is the most important thing, you will see that the next tours will be longer

Hey. Thanks buddy. It is funny that it stopped working immediately when the sun light is blocked. I wish they have include a small capacitor or rechargeable battery pack to make the car more robust in terms of power output.

😅One of my friend want to sell solar car in our country but unsuccessful due to the car model not in line with the our government requirement. I'm just wondering how the real solar car will functioning well here? Can we do Tokyo drift using solar car?

Hey buddy, in order to sell something in our country, first you need to decide the final selling price, was it a Proton price tag? Or a Toyota price tag?

Given it's an imported car, which means it subject to our import tax, need to pay levy and AP. So, the actual market price for the solar powered car could easily tripled compare to where it origin from.

Last but not least, did your friend take care of the "officials"? You know, when you establish a company here, we need to have certain percentage of director from a certain race?

But ofcourse, the above are the surface of few things to take care of before you can sell a car in this country. Technically, there's no super solar car yet in the world capable of driving super fast. Mainly due to lack of energy conversion efficiency.


Here's the fastest solar car in the world. Imagine if you drift it? No more solar car. As a matter of fact, the driver would probably being spank by the solar panel itself. Below is the explanation of why don't we have solar powered car.

Have fun buddy.

Apparently my friend already selling imported car currently (one of the shareholder)...just he already open a new company and business proposal just to bring in the solar electric car from outside...not sure the details how he fail to get it what I know the 'government intervention' and 'car seat requirement not suitable' that he said. 😁 Now he plan to use his extra money at car related business🥲

Anything can be "straighten" with enough "dough" stuffed into the authority.

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Had to watch without sound because my speaker is missing. Did you let the kids get in on this on project? I can't tell whose legs those are doing the building 🤔. Every solar systems needs at least a little battery capacity so it can smoothly deliver the power. I have actually been wanting to buy some STEM projects to take back to Cambodia, but shipping is slow and troublesome this time of year.

Good you remembered the #stem tag though, I think that is the one that earns STEM tokens if I remember correctly.

It's his Christmas present from my sister in law. The mother is all worried, so I will have to sit there and give guidance. The boy does all the assembly work, those skinny legs is his.

As for the #stem tag, I think so yeah, but I haven't been on the hive-engine like forever. LOL

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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Cool Christmas gift!! 😁😁

I wanted to buy one also......errr for my daughters 🤭🤭