one way to care for palm oil properly


Hello friends, how are you friends? I hope our activities run smoothly and continue to be successful for all of us,On this occasion I am here again to continue the discussion about palm oil as I said before,Let's get straight to the point my friends.

This is dodos

Ini is areet

This are work tools for cutting leaves and fruit, dodos version for short trees, areet version for trees that are more than four meters tall, those tools will make my hands like popeye,hhehhe..

well friends ini contoh batang sawit yang tidak terawat sama sekalia lot of useless midribs that must be cut, the fronds will clamp down on growth and cause the fruit obeys because the fruit will shrink, besides that the midribs will absorb fertilizer so that the fruit on the tree will lack fertilizer,As seen in the picture the fruit is very small,The big impact is the reduction in fruit production.

For cutting the midrib or in other words pruning
Here I only leave one midrib under the fruit so that the fruit's progress is not disturbed,
And the rest of the pieces are not long nor too short, if it is too short it will also affect the stem, if it is too long it will also be problematic for fertilizer,
Maybe some of us already understand this, but maybe there are our friends who have minimal experience in the field of oil palm trunks,

This part is no less important in caring for oil palm trunks
This is a rotting fruit and must be thrown away Because this rotten fruit will cause termite pests, if the termites have nested in one stem, the stem will die and the termites will move to another stem.

This is the palm trunk that I have cleaned and the midribs are still scattered everywhere
And I will arrange them neatly,

For how to arrange it like this, because besides the garden looks clean and tidy it also reduces the risk for workers, because the palm fronds have certain parts that are dangerous,

This are the dangerous parts I say Those are the thorns we see small but deadly,Why do I say that because if it is hit by a thorn it will cause a tremendous infection and throbbing that makes us unable to sleep,
Every work activity has its own risks, different work has different risks,
What we prioritize is our safety at work.

The last one friends, at work sometimes things happen accidentally We don't know what form
For the first step or first aid if hit by a thorn are the seeds of the fruit itself
The method is as I have shown, who knows our garden is far from the hospital or health center
To ease the pain, do it like that, if it still hurts, keep rubbing it for a few days.

Maybe this is the only experience I can share this time, it's possible for me to share my other experiences.may be useful

Thank you greetings from Indonesia


keep up the spirit guys

Keep working friends until someone else says (you are my motivation at work) . Too cool words

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