The Biggest Palm Oil Plantation in Aceh

At this opportunity, I will return again with the widest view of oil palm in Nagan Raya Aceh District, this largest oil palm plantation is managed by several companies in Nagan Raya, one of which I can call PT KIM, and is from PKS.PT Nagan Palm. And the others, I'm sorry I didn't mention because I didn't have time to enter the road/block to find out with such a large location, but what is certain is that there are many oil palm plantations here, even the largest in Aceh province and located in Nagan Raya Aceh.

So, the beginning of my story was to take several photos at this plantation, starting from my journey from Nagan Raya to Aceh Jaya, spending time on a 3-hour drive. Here I see from the corner of the bridge to see that there is natural beauty and also a big river, the water flows so fast and really be careful for anyone who crosses this bridge. Then in the middle of the trip and entered the Mount Tran area which is often called by local residents. The high mountain also has winding roads which are filled with natural beauty and dotted with large palm trees. Also the leaves are green so that they emit a stunning nature that we cannot miss from these moments. To take photos.

Then I stopped here for a while on the side of the road, and also looked far and wide about the beautiful atmosphere with the cool breeze entering my body. Also here I see that there are several location points that have been cleared. At first here, there were large oil palm trees that were old enough to be 23 years old and would no longer bear fruit, So they cleared back to plant new seeds

In each of these images, if we zoom, it cannot be separated from the oil palm trees in it. Shows us, that as far as the eye can see it is filled with oil palm trees, both large and small, and those that have just been planted.


But what I really like is a palm tree this big. Because trees that are big and tall will produce satisfying fruit, the most important thing is adequate fertilization according to the rules.

What's really interesting is. When we cross this road we are decorated along the way by views of oil palm plantations on the left and right side of the road. From here we can see and take examples for us to have a brighter future in our daily life, so it is important for us to learn how to change our lives by preparing palm seeds.

There is something different from the habit, which is often seen, green palm trees. But this one looks like a twig without leaves. This is an oil palm tree that is old enough and must be cut down, so before cutting it they give poison first to kill the tree. After all that, later they will be planted with new seeds again...

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This is really big plantation of the three. I like this. Very amazing

Yes, this is extraordinary, I am from here exemplifying it. How to start for something success

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