Repairing Clogged Water Pipes


Today my friend and I are working to check the clean water pipes which are clogged a few days ago, so that all the villagers feel very overwhelmed about the drinking water they have been drinking from mountain springs. Because when you get used to things that are easy, but it really feels very difficult if there is a change from the habits that have been experienced before.

The beginning of the problem that occurred was the blockage of the water pipe, due to heavy rain, so that the water reservoir in the small dam was overflowing and collapsing. However, a lot of garbage gets into the water pipe, such as fallen leaves of wood and sand and small stones. So for us this is not an easy problem when cleaning,
We will continue to make every effort to find clogged points, finally we have found 5 clogged points and we will work on this to dismantle the pipe, according to the position of the clogged point that has been confirmed to be clogged.

our work as shown in the picture in this post, we do the excavation of the soil first, to be able to lift the pipe back up to make it easier to disassemble. the excavation was really very difficult to do because the position of the pipe was very deep, reaching 1 meter, and it was also watery.We see that this excavation will not be finished because the water that continues to flow will not run out, and the pipe will not be able to be lifted up due to slow work.

Finally we are looking for a water suction machine to speed up the water disposal process and the work will be faster, After using the water vacuum, our work feels lighter because the water is no longer there.

Water suction process

Water Suction Machine

The pipeline disassembly process is complete. And where we work, the water has started again. What is certain is that we have opened up the pipe, the purpose of which is to clean it up.

my friends and I felt tired, with the earth excavation work, starting from the morning until 1 pm, 13.00 WIB It was break time. then we ate and drank before continuing, here we can see it seems that from their faces they are very tired, but they don't give up, they are still enthusiastic before finishing work. keep working to get drinking water that is used by all the people in our village

Eating and drinking while resting is over, then we move again to work to finish it, so that it can be done quickly and quickly go home. Then we do the desludging again as we did in the morning, to remove the water so that it is easier to install pipes that have been cleaned of clogged garbage.

Thank God our work for the day is finally done. and we immediately gathered working tools to move back home.
This is our daily activity in repairing clogged pipes that are hampered by the passage of water. Because drinking water is really needed by our people, because only through this we get clean drinking water, and it's free without being charged the slightest fee. we think togetherness is shared property.

That is all and thank you
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Although this work of water pipe line is very critical and very hard working, you all worked together as a team and passed it very well. Good job all of you.

because this is not an easy job, so we have to be compact and work together in solving all of this and we have to really fix it properly.

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