Entering the Bamboo Forest in Search of Bamboo Shoots, But Bad Luck Favored Me

Hello hivers friends wherever you are, I hope that with my greetings you will always be fine and become a life-boosting medicine.

These past few days, my mouth has a bitter taste so I have a lot of trouble with all things food. I remember when I was little, my mother used to cook vegetables from bamboo shoots by adding coconut milk. So today I entered the bamboo forest to look for some bamboo shoots. But unfortunately some of the piles of bamboo that I was looking for weren't there at all, not that they weren't there but the bamboo shoots were still very small, and not all of the piles had grown anyway. Maybe today I can't find it or it's not my fortune.

So when I enter the forest, I always pay attention to my surroundings, because the forest that I enter has a lot of nettle leaves which have poison if touched on any part of the body, it will cause extraordinary itching. The point is that at night, if you get hit with these leaves it is very difficult to sleep because you hold back the itching, if you scratch it it hurts, just go awry if you touch these leaves. Following are the characteristics of the leaves, the stems have a reddish color and also have visible hairs.

Since what I'm looking for isn't there, so I can only look around for the uniqueness that is here, like what I found, this object or plant makes me confused because it's like a stick stuck in the ground but not hard, I think it's like the finger mushroom of a dead person but strangely it grows directly on the ground, not helped by dead wood, usually the average mushroom grows definitely on wood, some grow on the ground but not this form. It's also called a forest, there must be something strange and it's no wonder that when I entered the forest, there were many mushrooms that grew so beautifully. This time I found mushrooms that were similar to oyster mushrooms and also small mushrooms that were very soft.

Then after twirling around, I finally felt a little tired, so it happened that there were a lot of rocks in this forest so it was very easy to use as a place to rest for a while, while taking a break I saw an animal waiting for prey to come, namely a spider animal, I saw its web ready to be stung by another animal, he is very unique I think, to survive he only uses his net.

Of course when I'm in the forest there are many unique things for me to see, sometimes I am surprised by animals that are like wasps, but very different from wasps in general, it is clear that in the forest there are many things that I have never seen at all, but while in the forest everything will be seen clearly. Like a tree, actually to see a beautiful and unique tree, I have to enter the forest, because there are various kinds of trees in the forest, from small to large. But tropical forests like where I live are full of mosquitoes, maybe if you guys don't feel comfortable here at all, I often play in the forest and I'm very overwhelmed with mosquitoes, let alone there are too many of them.

So that's my story when I entered the bamboo forest, but I felt a little sad because I couldn't find what I was looking for. In the days to come I will continue to look for bamboo shoots, because my mouth and heart keep asking for bamboo shoots. How about you, have you ever tasted bamboo shoot vegetables, if you haven't at all I highly recommend tasting it because it tastes very delicious and very tasty.



Never eaten bamboo shoots, sounds like a tasty dish when able to source fresh from nature.

Mosquitos always find me first which drives me crazy, stinging nettles that agitate the skin don't sound very friendly one has to be cautious in the woods.

Stunning photography on the spider, truly know where to find food, that looks a healthy larger specimen you have there too.

@tipu curate

If I have found bamboo shoots, I will show you how to cook these bamboo shoots and you have to taste them. Hope you will like this Aceh specialty

Look forward to seeing how you prepare them, have a wonderful day.


The pictures you mentioned are really cool. And the scale of your photography is really good.

Thank you dear, it turns out you like my shots

I've never been to a bamboo forest as the climate is not favorable for growing bamboo here, but it looks nice on your photos. Those tiny mushrooms are so cool!

Hopefully someday you can visit the bamboo forest, thank you for participating @erikah

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Thanks @jasonmunapasee . Now I can not say anything, and thanks again

I got a bit scared about the nettle leaves. It's good to know, I wish I will be able to identify it myself so I can avoid it.

Looks like you love bamboo shoots very much. Maybe they're selling it in the market just like here in the Philippines.

In my area, buying bamboo shoots is very difficult to find, because the majority here really like bamboo shoots, so the price is quite expensive

Oh, I hope the little one that you saw will be ready soon to harvest and be cooked.

I think so, thanks for stopping buddy

Bamboo shoots are delicious to eat. I've tried that many times when my mother will cooks food for us. Thanks for sharing!

Of course it's very delicious, dear, especially when mother cooks it myself

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