"Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon" - Says US Bioweapon Lawmaker. + Danish Law Allows Forced Vaccinations!

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The recent hostile takeover of the STEEM blockchain by a Billionaire from Wuhan has coencided with the worldwide pandemic of a hostile virus, also out of Wuhan! This has kept me busy the last few weeks, but I have found time to post some of the evidence I have come across that shows that the Coronavirus threat is fairly likely to have begun in various labs in China. Plus, news from today shows the Danish government has passed into 'law' a decree that allows them to forcibly detain and 'treat' (vaccinate) people (despite a vaccine not yet being available) - going against all medical ethics protocols.

This video includes references to scientic studies and also an interview between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Francis Boyle, where they discuss the case for Covid 19 being a bioweapon.

Let us know if you have any additional information to add in the comments below, thanks!

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Full video interview with Francis Boyle:

Archive pdf of the retracted doc from Wuhan: https://img-prod.tgcom24.mediaset.it/images/2020/02/16/114720192-5eb8307f-017c-4075-a697-348628da0204.pdf

Article in Nature on warnings from 2015 about the risk of coronavirus research:

(Study) "Difference in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin" -

Denmark rushes through emergency law:

Bing Covid Tracker:

2010 Whistleblower from Project Camelot warning that China would be attacked by an engineered flu virus:



The key is to find that patient zero if he/she is still alive and figure out who is behind this devilish plan. As time progresses, the world will eventually learn the truth.

That would certainly help, though I doubt that we will truly find that information any time soon.

A problem that is occurring is that multiple countries are discovering the first cases in their country were not connected to cases in other countries. There now appears to be multiple patient zeroes, each with the same disease but unconnected.

This is exactly what would be expected from a covert deliberate spread of the infection by introduction in multiple places around the world.

In June 2019, Ft. Detrick, the US primary biological warfare lab, experienced a leak and was shut down. Shortly after this, many places began experiencing massive increases in ILI and pneumonia. Australia suffered an 800% increase in deaths from flu-like illnesses in June 2019, for example.

It seems from the evidence that a biological weapon leaked from Ft. Detrick, and it was then deliberately released around the world.

im in denmark and i support this law :D this virus is very contagious, hence presentably infecting people with it is almost like causing harm to a person, when not all other people can get vaccinated due to a health condition or allergy and rely on us to get vaccinated.

also whats up with 3speak i am unable to comment over 3speak...

I suggest studying the nature of vaccines and immunity more deeply.

I agree 100%
I got some new info who profits from the vaccines...

even if not every vaccine reaches immunity, if a large enough population achieves immunity it would protect the people unable to get vaccinated. vaccines like mmr often require 2 shots to have a high enough immunity rate that measeles dont spread, but so what thats 16 dollars? or 0 danish crowns since healthcare is free :D

if this is not what u meant honestly unless you elaborate your point i have no clue what u mean....

This is a complicated topic and I cannot explain all the details to you here in the time I have available. There are multiple threads that require much deeper research to understand them than mainstream and your doctor will provide you. You only need to look at an insert for one of the commonly provided vaccines to learn some of what I am pointing to here, however, you are unlikely to ever see one (despite them being 'intended' for you to read them before being vaccinated) and in truth, many Doctors don't even bother to read them.
The reality here is that what has been sold as 'evidence based medicine' is actually mostly blind faith and policy following by people who should have done their due diligence research but really are just bootlicking and lazy af.

vaccines do NOT provide real immunity, which is why you need to repeatedly receive them. in the case of this virus there isn't even a vaccine available because they take time to create them. even the UK's top gov specialist has stated that he would be amazed if a vaccine appears within 1 year from now.. yet, as the video provided by @luca1777 references, 'somehow' an Israeli group is 'just weeks away' from producing a vaccine! How amazing and convenient! Not suspect at all! :/

Vaccines represent one of the only ways that groups can insert material directly into the cellular structure of large numbers of people, bypassing their natural defences. Think about that for a moment. If you were securing a house or a computer, would you allow all your security to be bypassed just because someone in 'authority' tells you to? Maybe you would - but then you haven't understood security or confidence trickery.

These are only the tiny tip of the iceberg of this topic. The bottom line as far as healthcare goes is that it is VOLUNTARY. As soon as 'medicine' is enforced, ALL medical ethics codes have been violated and the action is NOT health CARE, but is physical abuse.

You don't get to dominate people's free will and body because YOU are SCARED! There's a reason why the world united to bomb NAZI Germany.

All prior attempts to make a SARS vaccine were disastrous. None created immunity, and they all made being infected with SARS cause worse harm and more deaths.

SARS2 is unlikely to ever have a working vaccine because of this.

These are papers I have found published on attempted SARS vaccines.





Thanks, I'll take a look at some point!

its a bit over generalized. flu shots give you only 1 year immunity because the virus mutates so fast, and tbh i have not taken any flu shots. measles though do not mutate fast enough for the vaccine though, hence you only need 2 shots done one time to get immunity, and data supports such claims, by looking at the death toll before and after measles vaccines got discovered.

ofc there have been always anti vaccination groups where massive amount of groups did not vaccinate and caused random small outbreaks in the group once one person got the measles, but ever since the measle vaccine was introduced the deaths are low.

if more than 95% are immune then herd immunity will cause measles to go extinct

and vaccines dont work by bypassing natural defences, but by trigering them. Vaccines are the actual desease but genetically edited to be the harmless version of the desease. it is possible (but rare) to get infected then by the desease but the symptoms are then very mild. but by the immune system killing the dummy desease, the immune system trains its self to fight the real deal.

and by that logic i should be able to do with my body whatever i like and pay no regard to how i affect others around me. i should be equally be able to smoke in elevators and fueling stations or wehreever no matter how others feel. if you are infected instead of smoke and fire causing hazard to the ones around you, it is your breath and body liquid. if in the case of measles you reach a new born or baby, there is a very high chance you kill that baby. would you voluntarily take that risk? in the case of covid19 ur probably gonna kill a granny.

I know how vaccines work. You would not normally end up with such an intense focus of disease pathogens and other materials in your blood stream because your body is designed to prevent that. Some researchers have shown that the massive flood of foreign material and the hyper response of the immune system that they trigger has been shown to block small blood vessels in the brain and can cause brain damage / autism. This has been heavily denied.

Do you know why almost all the graphs you will find for cases of measles and other vaccinated diseases start in the mid 1900s and don't show earlier data? See if you can find one that goes back further, they do exist.

Nothing you say will change the reality of the sacredness of personal will and personal health/body. Yes, people make choices that cause harm to themselves and that can actually in some cases spread disease. At the same time, the immune system of most people is massively under-resourced due to a total lack of understanding about their own body/mind/emotions and nutritional requirement. Such a lack of responsibility among the general population is not solved by vaccinations and certainly not by forced vaccinations.

Overpowering the will of people is an area that has been heavily denied and yet has caused more ill health than anything else.

as an individual with autism, i find such claims highly offensive. that one paper was a hoax and proven to be a hoax and was retracted from the journal and scientists got discredited. autism is genetic and the only way to get autism is by being born autistic. also autism does not mean you are less abled, but it simply means you have a different way of thinking. meaning for me it was always easier to do math physics or programming tasks than student peers, and having a focused interest in such tasks helped me improve such skills. autism also needs no cure. if the majority had autism and non autistic people were a minority, then those would be considered "disabled".

they dont really site sources on those plots from before, was data back then even recorded? i wonder how they kept an accurate plot of the measles even through the world wars. i dont think i can trust sites like antivax.org which is appearantly the only "scientific" institute publishing numbers from before 1950... so lets look at current data. pakistan is famous for its antivaxxer fake news and ranks with gigantic countries like india and african countries where its virtually impossible due to their size to reach every corner with vaccines... china with similar population size with mandatory vaccines are not on the list in the top, but i would not trust a vaccine in china since china is also famous for reselling outdated vaccines

pakistan the free vaccination programs make little progress because of fake news and taliban saying vaccines are haram (mmr vaccines contain something from pig)

Your 'offense' is misplaced here, nothing in my words was offensive or belittling to you or anyone else. In fact, the individual who publicly stated his research into the brain damage alleged to be caused in some cases by vaccines died suspiciously not long after and was not able to fully respond to those who ridiculed him. The reality here is that I have put significant amounts of my own time, for free, into coaching people with autism and they have thanked me greatly for the benefits they have gained from me doing so.

The connection between autism and vaccination is more than just brain damage from hyper-response of the immune system. Here two of the world's leading experts in aluminium state publicly that they have been forced, recently, to change their position on aluminium in vaccines' role in causing autism, due to their own (privately funded) research:



You can view an interview with Professor Exley here

actually consider this map from before mid 1950 :D so i guess less deaths occured since the medical system allowed cases to survive more likely and the medical system just improved gradually... but the cases have dropped dramatically

Yes, you can find the data for all infectious diseases going back way before 1900, but you are unlikely to because it is almost never shown. It was at one time on the Swedish government's website, but last time I looked it was impossible to find.
The reason is that the data CLEARLY shows that pretty much all vaccinated diseases were nosediving down to zero before vaccines were invented, due to improved sanitation and general healthcare / nutrition during that period. The less disease pathogens that are in our environment and the better our nutrition, the more effective our own natural immunity is at keeping us clear from disease.

Scarlet fever killed more people than most vaccinated illnesses combined, yet it followed a similar downward trend and moved on to be eradicated. The catch is that there is no vaccine for scarlet fever.

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