David Bowie 1974 & 1999 Black Noise Weapons System, Genocide & Tranhumans When you know you know

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When you know you know, David Bowie was in the business a long time, he would of been told allot of information as he was a celebrity pushing an agenda on the masses! In this video he talks about BLACK NOISE a weaponized system which can literally crack a city what do you mean crack a city? shatter it like a earthquake! and it can also do the same to a human... Now you have the graphene inside of you it will be easier ... He spoke of the black noise in 1974 -

Then in 1999 he was in a computer game called omicron where he talks about the merge between human and the demons artificial intelligence - So as you can see he knew what was on the chessboards because after all they like to brag and hide everything within signs symbolism and when they tell us the information is over our heads so we dismiss it!

Sounds like its time to wake up - Awakened Light

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