My garden journal - The first fertilization for chili plants

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A few days ago I discussed about the chili plant that I took care of for the first time, but the name of plants or plants certainly has obstacles that must be overcome immediately.

You can read my post about chili care at a young age, CLICK HERE.


Yesterday when I went to the garden and as usual I wanted to water the chilies so that they grow faster, but there I was surprised by some problems with the chili leaves which were a little inert, it was due to lack of fertilizer or nutrition in the chili, that's what I know.


There were several types of bruises on the chili leaves, I had time to pick some leaves that seemed to have been affected by the disease in the previous days.


On the other hand, I also took pictures of a healthy chili tree, the leaves are still very fresh and look healthy.


After asking about this problem to a friend of mine, he told me to try giving processed fertilizer first, maybe the disease I mean will be cured in the future.

Today also I decided to look for this processed fertilizer to put on the roots of the chili, in the hope that the chili leaves will be fertile again. Processed fertilizers are the same as natural fertilizers, which have been processed into organic fertilizers. The price is also quite cheap, for one sack weighs 50kg and costs around Rp. 50,000 ($3.50).


I only use enough, because if too much fertilizer is used it is also not good for the plant. Then I tried to put the fertilizer on all these chili stalks one by one from my 60 chili trees.


After a few minutes I managed to perfect and evenly distribute all the chili trees, I was able to take some photos there.





After successful fertilization, the next step is watering so that the chili roots can feel the nutrients from the fertilizer.

For this watering, I also do it when the atmosphere is in the afternoon, which aims to last a long time and be able to absorb all the fertilizer nutrients from the chilies at night.




This watering is not too much, because the capacity of the water that is absorbed is too much, because I water it almost every day. This must also be handled carefully, because chili plants are not good if excess water, and can cause death.


...and finally I have done this watering on all the chili trees, I'm just waiting for the changes, maybe this fertilization will succeed in restoring the fertility of this chili tree. I can't wait for the results.


On the other hand, in my yard there is also a chili tree that has grown big and has dense fruit. This chili belongs to my brother which he planted a few months ago, only 2 chili trees, but has quite dense fruit.

For this type of chili, it is different from the type of chili that I am currently treating, the chili that I take care of has a fruit shape that is small and a bit long, but the color is almost the same as the chili that my brother grows.



I really hope that the effort I'm doing (fertilizing) can be successful in the next 2 days, I'm really looking forward to the results, and hopefully this will make me happier to see it.

Thank you for everything, hopefully this post can be useful for all of us.

The end and best regards.

Take care of your health and create happiness for you and those around you.




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Thank you so much @poshtoken 🥰🥰

Love to see the update on the chili plants. Yes they are very hungry plants and love their fertilizer, They also quite like free draining and compost like soil. I see they are mounded up a bit which is good.

thanks for sharing

Yep, I have to wait for the development of this fertilization, if it works I just need to think about the next steps to make this chili tree bear fruit, and if it's the other way around I might have to give fertilizer with a high dose again.
Thank you sis @blingit for your steps and kind words.
Have a great week 🥰🥰

This is a very useful post, with good explanatory photos and good information... Excellent work, thanks for sharing!....

!discovery 25

Thank you for your presence and kind words, I'm glad this post is useful for some people who need it.

Have a great day mr. @jlinaresp

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Wow! Impressive! Your own chili soon! I have to find the time to organise a green house soon!

yep, it seems so, this job is very fun for some people including me.
Thank you for your presence and kind words.

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well, that is not organic and natural.

Yep, it seems I should focus more on natural fertilizers, because it is to overcome the diseases on the chili tree.

Yup! It will take a maximum of 2 months to have perfect rotten skins of fruits and vegetables to be a natural fertilizer. You can mix it with dry leaves like what I did plus 20% of soil.

Yeah, it seems I have to learn more about mixing these natural ingredients, although I know it takes quite a long time, but the process is not that complicated.
Thank you for your knowledge, I can learn from your way.