Garden journal - The garden is simple but in it there are various multifunctional plants for daily needs.

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I haven't written about anything useful for the environment here for almost two weeks, especially on Hive, because there are some problems or activities that I might not be able to write at that time. But today the opportunity came for me to share my story with all of you, especially in this garden journal. I'm happy to be able to do it again, although it's a bit rushed but I'm trying to make this post more perfect.

A few days ago I was traveling to my friend's place in one of the villages of Punteut, Aceh, Indonesia.... and I saw a simple garden or not so wide, about 200 meters/square. But what's interesting here is about the plants that are in it, it looks simple but there are several types of plants that are planted there, and on average these plants are very much needed by the local community.

The first time I saw him I was so amazed by the owner of this garden, because he can take care of his garden perfectly. Almost all the plants that are there grow normally and fresh, and on average these plants can be traded in the local market there.


I think this is a brilliant idea in gardening, because there I saw there are 2 versions of plants, that is, from young plants to plants that last longer, such as papaya trees. Currently the papaya tree has begun to reach the harvest period, followed by other young plants such as chili, and cabbage.


You can see that the papaya is very fresh and normal, the fruit is quite large, isn't this a good investment? I think so.


Ripe chili trees also show that this garden is very good in terms of maintenance, because as I know if there are several types of plants in one place, there will be one type of plant that doesn't grow very well, and vice versa.


On the other hand, the types of plants that are there the most prioritized are cabbage and papaya vegetables, that's why in these photos what you can see there are these two types of plants, because that's the most important, the rest are just complementary plants.


It's the flower of the cauliflower I mean, it looks so fresh, and seems to taste really good when cooked.


It grows very fresh, you can see from the color and you will judge for yourself.


The leaves are very dense and dark green, this is a sign that the care is very good.


It's one of the papaya trees that has a lot of fruit, it's not fully ripe, it will be edible in about 2-3 weeks.


Apart from the two main types of plants, I mean there are several types of complementary plants that are there, as in the picture below, namely celery, which grows fresh there.


...and there is one type of vegetable plant that is there, which is said to have properties for a sluggish body. Did you see it? slightly bigger than the papaya tree.


In my opinion, this garden is extraordinary, I think I should be able to emulate the idea of the owner of the garden.


Gardens like this are the desire of many people to work on it, but are hindered by disappointing results in the future. But I think building a garden like that of course must have enough knowledge to make plants more perfect.

Thank you for everything, I hope this post can be useful for all of us. That's it and see you soon.

Thanks to all of you, see you next time.

Best regards!

Take care of your health and create happiness for you and those around you.




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I like this small garden, makes me feel more good if I can try eat all this 🤗😄👌👌👌🍷🍷

Yeah, on average the plants that grow are very fresh, especially if they are consumed. 😄😋
Thank you very much for dropping by here.🥰

I have here soon snow and lot of it :)) ... so I can get next year green garden back :))

I've never experienced snow, and certainly not for gardening. Hope it goes normally and has fun.

Snow is all time fun ... if it comes lot :))
But I have seen it so lot times... so I want get summer what be more long :))

Yeah I think so too :)))

They look very fresh, very well cared for. Want to go there and pick it. Great post thanks for sharing with us.

Yes, this is a sign of a garden that is cared for wholeheartedly.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much @nurfay :)))

You're welcome @xoxois, I'm very happy to see this beautiful garden.

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What a garden!... Lovely to see!!!... Thanks for sharing this lovely post!!!

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Thank you very much mr. @jlinaresp
You always take the time to stop by here, and I'm so glad you like it.
Have a nice day.
Cheers! :)))

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